Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Funnies: Movie Maddness

Last weekend my husband and I packed all of the kids plus a few more into the trusty old van, popped in a cartoon and we started off for an adventure.
The plan, the adult women and my oldest (K) would all go to Twilight.   And Kevin would take the two younger girls to Planet 51, thus avoiding having to hear 50 year old women gasp in orgasmic pleasure every time a 17 year old kid took his shirt off.
(Or so he said.)
So we started the 4 hour round trip with excitement and anticipation of a great afternoon.
After the usual potty breaks and snack stops we arrived just in time to find a parking place in the overcrowded theatre parking lot and rush to the ticket box to buy the tickets for Planet 51. 
Of course we wouldn't chance Twilight selling out, my mom had ordered us all tickets weeks ago.  The one thing we didn't count on, Planet 51 was completely SOLD OUT.
There were no other kid movies and the show was about to start so we just bought a few more tickets to Twilight (yeah they weren't even close to sold out).  And started packing everyone in.
IZ, my five year old figured out that she wasn't going to be going to a cartoon and said, "But mom, you promised that I wouldn't have to see Twilight!"
She is TERRIFIED of the first movie and promptly burst into tears, dug in her heels (literally), and started shaking with fear. 
I was flustered, I didn't know what to do.  So my Dad volunteered to MISS Twilight and walk around the mall with IZ.  (Yeah, he took up that offer a little too quickly)
So off they went to window shop for two hours while the rest of us sat down and got comfortable in our seats.
I watched the movie through my three year old's head, listened to all of her commentary and her questions, had to explain lots of things that I shouldn't have had to explain to a 3 year old.  And I had to listen to lots of moaning.
It wasn't from 50 year old women though, it was from my husband, every time that 17 year old boy came on the screen he would shake his head and groan that deep throated growl that tells me he's rolling his eyes at the same time.

So my overall experience with Twilight (what I could see of it)?  It had way better graphics than the last one, the dialouge was still terrible, the acting was slightly better, and overall I had a ton of fun just going somewhere with my sisters, mom, friends, husband, and my kids.
But next time, I think I'll leave the kids home.  And I think we'll pick up my husband's brothers so he can watch something with lots of guns and kung fu and blood. 
Although, in my defense, there was killing, and blood and fighting in Twilight, I don't know why he's complaining.
Thanks for the trip mom!  It was fun, and I can't wait for the next one!

The girl's visiting Santa before we left.
(It was also the only smile from IZ that I saw)


Mimi said...

Ah Heidi, that sounds like a fun outing, and the visit to Santa was the icing on the cake, I'm sure.
Good too that your Dad was on hand to take away little IZ.

Rachel said...

Oh that was too funny Heidi! I told my DH about your hubby having to attend the movie. He was like I'm so glad I didn't have to go see that "crap"! Your hubby is a good sport! Hooray for Grandpa to come to IZ's resuce!

Maria Berg said...

Good now I know - I will plane window shopping instead of that move!
I have something for you -

/Maria Berg, Sweden
I do read all you comment but something I am short of time and can not answered.

Janae S said...

I love this story! Kev always hated scary movies when he was little, so IZ might take after him with that.

How great that all of you were able to go to the movies!