Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Photo Story Friday: Empty

An empty desk stares across the aisle at my nephew.  It's emptiness weighing heavily on his heart.  There has been a hushed silence that has followed him in the halls through the past week.  A few brave students approach and say hello and to say how sorry they are.  The teachers and staff have all been careful to give a kind word or squeeze to his shoulder when they see him.
On the Thursday before Easter Tiger and his best friend Zachie laughed and joked and played.  They teased the girls in their 5th grade class and planned what they would do for their long break from school.
On the Friday after Easter, Tiger dressed in his Sunday best and walked into a chapel where he received a carnation boutonniere and sat as an honorary pall bearer for a boy that was his best friend. 
It has been a hard week as I've watched my 10 year old nephew try to understand and accept that he will never see his friend again.

I have watched Tiger as he came to a new school struggle with shyness and making new lasting friendships.  I have seen what a good kid he is, how caring and loving and giving he ALWAYS is.
I have watched him as he has cared for everyone around him.  He is so sweet when I drop him and my girls off at school in the morning, he waits and walks Izzy to her class everyday, making sure that she gets to where she needs to be.

I remember one morning I dropped them off late and as they were hurrying to the doors that would lead them to the school the national anthem started playing over the loudspeaker.  I watched as he stopped the girls and had them turn and face the flag.  With their hands held over their hearts I felt such pride in him.
I have truly learned to love my nephew, I hate to see him so hurt and sad, I wish that there was something that could be said or done that would take the pain away. 
I am grateful for my religion and the comfort that it has brought in this very sad and difficult time.  I know that one day Tiger will see Zach again and that they will once again be able to run and laugh and play.  Until then I will pray that Tiger will find peace.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Funnies: Definitions and Family Portraits

Emma is at the age where she wants to know everything, especially what words mean.  She quizzes me all day long about what this and that word mean.
A few days ago we were sitting at the table eating breakfast and she got that quizzical look on her face and her eyes sought mine.
"Mom," she said, "what does fightin' mean?"
"It means that people aren't getting along, they might be mean or hit each other."
Right on the heels of finishing my sentence, "Mom, what does mean, mean?"
"It means that you are being unkind to someone."  I said with a monotone voice.  I could see where this line of questioning was going, she would pick a word from my answer and ask for the next explanation, this can go on, and on, when she's in a mood."
"Mom, what does lice mean?" 
Caught off guard I raised an eyebrow at Em and said, "A little bug that gets in your hair."
With an appalled look she said in a know-it-all voice, "No, mom, I said NICE!"

For Easter my family made a trip down to Arches National Park yesterday.  It was windy, cold and fun, fun, fun!

The scenery was beautiful and the hiking invigorating.  It was wonderful to be out into the great outdoors. 
My kids had a ton of fun running and playing in the red dirt and climbing on the slick rock.
This trip provided so many photo opportunities that it was amazing!  My sister, Annie, tried all day to get everyone together for a big family picture.  But no matter how hard she prodded the picture never seemed to happen.
Late in the day my siblings all decided to hike the trail up to Delicate Arch, all the little kids had gone home with my parents who were done with the day.
The hike was strenuous on the way up, but the hidden treasure at the top was well worth the effort.

As we trekked back down the trail my sister tried several more times to get us to stop for the long sought after picture, telling us that we could use it as a mother's day gift for my mom.
At the very end of the trail we finally all gave in.  The result: 

So much for a nice picture for mother's day.

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