Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Funnies: Night Terrors

Silence fell all around in the deepening darkness of the night.  The only sound that could be heard was the deep steady breathing of my husband who lay beside me in the comfort of our warm blankets.  The familiar sound lulling me closer and closer toward oblivion.  Dreams filled my head as scene after scene played across the screen of my subconscious theatre.
Darkness touched my dream, noises reached out through the night in ways that seem unnatural.  Through my sleep fogged brain I heard the piano playing, but that can't be.  I hear my husband say something that I can't quite understand.  "Oh it's just the maid," I mumble into the pillow.  "She'll stop in a minute." I say.
"What?"  My husband says loudly. "What are you talking about?"  Instantly my mind snaps to attention.
"Oh, sorry was I talking in my sleep again?"  I asked.  As my mind becomes more and more clear I realize that notes are being slowly and clumsily picked out on  our keyboard in the front room.
"What is that?"  I asked as I felt a peculiar ball forming in the pit of my stomach. 
"It's the keyboard, is Kira in there?" Kevin asks.  We both tilted our heads in the direction that the music was drifting from, but there was no sound of movement that either of us could tell.
Slowly we both rose from the warm comforter into the crisp cool air of the pitch black night.
As we cautiously made our way down the hallway the light from the streetlamp outside the window lent it's light to the eerie scene before us.  There sat the keyboard, keys still being played at random but no one was next to it.  The room was empty
My husband, being quicker and closer than I was reached the piano first and quickly turned the power to the board off.
We headed back to bed slightly disturbed.  Climbing back onto our respective sides of the bed we both said at the same time, "That was kind of creepy."
And so we tried to find our way back into the land of restful sleep.  Soon my husband resumed his slow rhythmic breathing.  But sleep continued to elude me.
Now if there is one thing that I have always prided myself on is the thought that I don't scare very easily.  Scary movies rarely make me jump, sometimes they make me want to gag because they're gross, but they really don't scare me.  People jumping out from behind doors doesn't make me jump ten feet in the air, and creepy things in the night never keep me awake.
But here I was, creeped out.  the minutes stretched by slowly with a growing sense of unease.  What would have made the piano start playing?  had something fallen and hit the keys?  But that couldn't happen because it was playing different notes.  I was plagued with question after question.  My mind trying to wrap a reasonable explanation around the event that had just happened.
I scooted closer to my husband surrendering my pride to the fact that I was down right, well, scared.
I stared absently at my closet hoping the answers would come, suddenly out of the darkness at the end of my bed rose a spectral white disembodied head.  It began slowly floating closer and closer towards me.
Shear terror gripped me like I had never felt before.  I screamed and tried to climb up Kevin's left arm. 
"Whhaat?"  Cried a terrified voice from the direction of the ghostly white figure.
It was Kira.
Why on earth did I have to give birth to such very pale white children?

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Photo Story Friday: Motherhood

Tuesday evening came, the kids were finally asleep and the hubby and I popped in a movie that we had rented.  Motherhood with Uma Thurman.

I have been so excited to watch this movie, I just knew that I was going to find a movie that I could really connect with.  A woman who could show the world the joys and sorrows that come with this ever shrinking occupation, the SAHM.  And to top it all off she was a blogger.  Yes I admit that I was excited when we pushed the play button.
That enthusiasm lasted about five minutes.  This was not the stay at home mom that I thought would be a crusader for our cause, but an angry, resentful woman that didn't seem to enjoy anything about her life.
One part of the movie was that she wanted to write for a parenting blog, she had to send in 500 words about what motherhood meant to her.  When she finally finished it and it was read at the end of the movie all I could think was hypocrite.
And so today I would like to give my thoughts about being a mom.  And I can sum it up into one word:

I picked this word, because even though it consists of only three letters, it is a powerful word.  Joy consists of much more than just happiness.  Joy is a deep feeling that causes you to be moved.  Joy cannot exist without feeling sorrow, deep sorrow.  Joy is something that is earned.  It takes commitment, hard work, and LOVE.
And this to me is what motherhood is. 
NO, it's not always easy, there are times when I would like to go back to work and leave the daily chore of raising children to a babysitter.  I mean who really wants to clean up after a toddler learning to go potty?  Who really wants to do dishes, laundry and clean for everyone that lives in the house?  Who really wants to watch Spongebob?  Who really wants to read The Big Hungry Bear 11 times in one hour?  Who really wants to have their two year old throw their binky at the waitress?  Who really wants to have to apologize to someone because their daughter has just whispered "that lady's fat"?  Who didn't sit down and cry the day that they realized that the fairy tale ending was never going to happen?
I feel confident that I am not alone in these feelings.  But I hope that I am not alone in wanting this life despite the dark side of it.
When we have the opportunity of becoming a mother we are given a chance to work hand in hand with God in creating a wonderful little body for one of his precious children. 
I LOVE being a mom. 
I love being the one who my kids want when they are sick. 
I love that I am their comfort when they are scared or hurt. 
I love reading "The Big Hungry Bear" to them 11 times in one hour. 
I love to watch them learn, I love to help them discover the world from a gentle perspective.
I love fixing them dinner and having each one of them tell me they love my cooking (granted this one doesn't happen very often, so that's why I love it when it does).  I love to read them bedtime stories. 
I love to see them play.
I love when they pile on their dad 
I love the adventures that we find ourselves in. 
I love to see them laugh. 
I love the way that they make me laugh. 
I love the things they say. 
I love their unique personalities.

I also love the sorrows that we have had with our kids.  I feel that these obstacles, even though they cause sadness for a time, bind us together as a family unit.  Making us stronger than we are by ourselves.

Motherhood is my life, and it's a life that I love.

What does motherhood mean to you?

PhotoStory Friday
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Project 365: Week Three

Day 22
January 22nd
This is how Emma's portrait session for last week's Photo Story Friday Really went.
After she destroyed her lovely hair do she proceeded to drape the broken
ponytail holder over her lips.  She then told me that they were her "vampire teeth".

Day 23

January 23rd
We attempted to pack up our TV to send back to get repaired.
We pulled it off the stand wrapped it in the provided bubble wrap that my children had
nearly cleared of bubbles.  And tried to stick it in a box that ended up being
ten inches short.  Oops.  Guess we should have measured before we started.

Day 24
January 24th
We had a little poodle attend church with us today. 
But she didn't want to get her paws wet in the snow.

Day 25

Jaunuary 25th
Izzy passed off her first 25 sight words!!!!  To celebrate we went to get ice cream.
She picked strawberry with bubble gum.  A LOT of bubble gum.

Day 26
January 26th
Izzy's class got to go bowling for their read before bed reward.  I was invited to go along
and so Emma and I headed out to enjoy in the chaos!
Strobe lights, glowing socks, dropping bowling balls, who doesn't love a great Kindergarten field trip?

Day 27
We had a Sun Dog in the sky this morning. 
*Sigh* I did have hopes that the groundhog would announce that winter was at an end.

Day 28
January 28th
Not much to say other than, POPCORN!

Hosted by Chris

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sepia Scenes: The Wonder Of Winter

A carpet of white stretches into the distance
What will be found at the journey's end
A cottage with chimney and warm comforting fire

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Funnies: All Aboard The Bipolar Express!

There I was, one day left to go and still 144 tissue paper flowers to whip out, with so little time remaining.  I suppose I could have forgone all sleep in order to meet my dead line, but I chose another route.  I put my kids and husband to work, that's why I have them right?  I know sweat shops are frowned upon, but I needed help!
My fingers ached with the pain of twisting petal after petal, and I thought to myself 'how do I get myself into this crap craft?'   And so when the morning came my sweet husband was sent to work with a pile of pretty pink tissue paper and a bundle of wire with instructions on how to create a delicate carnation.  He worked tirelessly and in the process whipped out 24 flowers and gained the nickname of princess. 
By the time school was out I was starting to sweat bullets because I was only half way to my goal.  So an assembly line was formed.  And my kids were bribed with a trip out for dinner (mostly because I had no where to put diner because the counter and table were covered in crap craft supplies).

Emma was put to the task of threading buttons onto wire.  She picked up the task with vigor and finished 15 of them before she got any help. 

Kira's assignment, making pretty petals.  She really wants to find a job this year (her new year's resolution) so if anyone out there needs a seven year old to fold tissue paper flowers, she's your girl.

And Izzy, well, Izzy somehow got out of doing anything except the puzzle on the floor.
So the race began.  With encouragement and whining set to full speed we made it through most of the remaining flowers before we went to bed.  And boy were my kids tired.  They did a whole twenty minutes of work. 

The next morning Kevin again made flowers at work, this time they were dainty little tulips, this did nothing for his reputation.  (you have to understand that the guys that he work with wrestle with alligators for sport)  I sat at home and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks (my ears hurt by the time it was over but don't tell my kids that).  But all of the flowers were finished.  And so the bouquets were started. 
The goal, 12 bouquets in 40 minutes.  I enlisted the help of my mom who glued black satin ribbons and bows to each square vase, while my husband completed the remaining tulips needed to complete each bouquet.  And so I taped and taped and taped and reached number 9 before I realized that we were 6 carnations short.  And I only had 4 minutes left.
Oh well to hell with it.  We'll only set up 10 tables.
Up to the church I flew like a banshee and made it just in time to get the tables covered and centerpieces set before the girls began to come. 
And so my manic episode came to an end, and as I climbed off The Bipolar Express and fell into bed that night I realized how wonderful my family is.  Thanks for all your help and patience.  And the next time you hear a jingle bell ring, just remember, someone, somewhere is having a manic episode and dragging their family with them too. :)  Your not alone.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Photo Story Friday: Last But Not Least

This is the last addition in my introductory series.  Aren't you glad I only have three kids.

This is Emma.

Emma was born with red hair, and she has the fiery personality to go with it.  She inherited the spirited Irish blood that flows in my families veins, it's also been known to cause stubbornness.

She shows great potential as a leader.  She runs our house with an iron fist, she gets what ever wants when she wants it.  She can get anything out of anyone.  And if pure persuasion doesn't work, she simply smiles.

She loves to be the center of attention.  She is a performer, she loves to dance and sing for a crowd.  She also loves to have her picture taken.  She runs every time I have my camera out, whether I want her in the frame or not.

Emma's favorite thing to do is sit on your lap and intertwine her fingers in yours.  She calls it "holdy handy".  It's how she goes to sleep at night and the first thing she wants when she wakes up.  It's her security, and her affection all wrapped up into one.  She also hates to be alone, she loves to be in a room full of people and chaos.

Emma has an inquisitive mind.  She watches everything and misses nothing.  She can solve any problem that faces her.  She stands back and looks at a problem, thinks for a short moment then barrels in head first until she gets the result that she wants. 

Emma loves kisses and hugs.  She loves her dad and grandpa.  She makes me laugh.  She is sweet and loving, and very physical in her expression of these emotions.

Emma is independent, smart, and a tease.  And what a joy she is to have in our family, it wouldn't be complete without her.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

365: Week Two

I have really enjoyed getting out and taking pictures this week.  It was quite a busy one so taking a break to take a few pictures of the things that we've been doing was a welcome distraction.  And so the trail continues

Day 12

Jan 12th.  This is my TV.  With the power off.

Day 13

Jan 13th.   The icicles that hung down from my mom's roof began to melt creating the most lovely little puddle that caught the drips from the slowly shrinking ice.

Day 14

Jan 14th.  This is what happens when Kira wanted to play target practice with the squirt bottle.  Please ignore the dust, I do.

Day 15

Jan 15th.  My very good friend Mimi sent me this essential oil that smells like bottled Christmas.  It's wonderful!  It took a little longer than we both expected, arriving on Friday.  After seeing the package I am impressed that UPS found me at all.  Hurray for Brown!  I love it Mimi!  Thank you!

Day 16

Jan 16th.  Flowers from my husband.  Aren't they beautiful, I love gerbera daisies.  They are my absolute favorite.

Day 17

Jan 17th.  Nothing compares to the thrill of sleeping on the hard floor with nothing but a pillow and a blanket.  And of course Grandma usually makes pancakes in the morning.  Yay, for sleepovers!  Did I mention that I slept in?

Day 18

Jan 18th.  A trip to the dentist is the best when they make you a cute little poodle to bring home.  But the 7 cavities between the two of them wasn't so fun.

Day 19

Jan 19th.  Kira is taking her 5th year of dancing.  She has graduated to the barr this year, she is so excited for the day that she gets to start pointe.  She is so graceful when she puts her mind to it.
 She just moves like a ballerina.

Day 20

Jan 20th.  The crap craft that I get myself into.  These were the handmade tissue paper flowers that I made for a formal etiquette dinner that we held for all the young girls at my church.  It was a ton of fun, so I think I may do a post on it later this week.

Day 21

Jan 21st.  Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow.  But will it ever stop?

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Spoke To Soon

See yesterday's post.

For more wordless fun check out Wordless Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sepia Scenes: Winter Thaw

As the sun peeks out through the cold winter clouds
the snow begins to melt, making puddles
 and rivers in unexpected places.

Vist Mary T to join in the fun at Sepia Scenes.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sunday Funnies: Human Anatomy From A Three Year Old

Every year I think that the majority of human kind hears the word resolutions and simotaniously we all think the same thing.
For most of us the new year feels like starting fresh, a clean slate, no more snickers bars before breakfast, and the sundae before bed will never cause heart burn again!
Some of us have more motivation for changing our diets than others.  I want to do it for health reasons.
My sister on the other hand has a three year old who started the ball rolling for her.
While sitting in a very quiet chapel last Sunday, surrounded by silent worshipers, Kerstina (my sister) had her loving little boy climb up on to her lap.  He snuggled up to her for a moment, then pulled away looking at her in a very curious way.
He started patting her gently, then in a boistrous voice he patted her boob and said, "Mommy, this is your little boob."  Then pointing at her stomach he shouted "And this is your big boob."
And then he smiled.
Now if that isn't motivation to loose a few pounds I don't know what is.

Sunday Funnies is a weekly theme here at Cake Crumbs. If you would like to play along just think back through your week and find the funniest thing that happened to you and jot it down. You can leave your story in the comments box if you would like. Or if you decide to do a post on your own site just mention it in your comment and we'll be sure to come check it out!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Photo Story Friday: Our Second Introduction

Last week I had decided that I was tired of trying to keep up with my kids' code names.  So today is a continuation of the family introductions:

This is Isabelle, but she gets mad when you call her that.  So we just call her Izzy.

Izzy is tenderhearted, helpful, imaginative, creative and very sweet.  She is my easiest child, demanding less than should.

She has a very tender heart, she hates to hurt those around her, preferring instead to make them as happy as she can.  (of course this doesn't always apply to her sisters)  She is constantly drawing little pictures and cards to send to everyone she knows.  She is becoming quite the little artist. 

She loves animals of every kind (except dogs that jump on her).  She has had a passion for horses since she was VERY little.  She would like nothing better than to have a horse she could call her very own.  When she was little she asked if she could have a real horse for her birthday.  I told her that we had no place to put one so we couldn't get her a horse.  Her suggestion, it could stay in her bed. 
She has no fear of horses at all, I will catch her running under the belly of a horse without a care at all.  She just glows when she is near them.  She could just sit and stare at them for hours. 

When she grows up she wants to be a cowgirl and a doctor for animals.

She loves rocks, puzzles, little toys, food, books, stories, pencils, writing, notebooks, and pictures.

Izzy has a very unique sense of style that fits her unique personality perfectly.

Izzy is sweet and kind and caring, and I don't know what I would do without her.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010