Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Photo Hunt Challenge: December 09

December brought another chance to put my photography skills to the test.  Here are my results!
I really struggled with the Infrared.  I played with so many pictures that I included three with the hopes that one of them is right.  I hope this doesn't disquailfy me. :)

1. Holiday Lights

2. Holiday Spirit

3. Holiday Treat

4. An Ornament

5. A Wrapped Gift

7. Holiday Icon

8. A Tree

9. A Tradition

10. Something That Says Noel (I know this one is a stretch, sorry)

11. Something Precious

12. Something Peaceful

13. Something Hot

14. Something Cold

15. Something Red

16. Something Green

18. A Black and White Photo With Some Color Variation

19. A Photo in Infrared

20. A Macro Shot


Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I love these shots! Wow! so many of them are my favorite! Love the one with her tasting the snow!

Avril said...

Thanks for dropping by and your comment.
Love your photos! Will be back!

kayerj said...

your new camera is wonderful--and so is your eye. My favorite is em with the snow.

and I totally missed the infrared thing. Did your camera do that? I noticed tonight that picnik now has an infrared button. I should try it again.

Mal said...

Great pictures. I especially like your holiday lights, your noel (even if it is a strech), and something cold. I missed the infrared too, I guess. I clicked the infrared on picnik, but was told it was wrong so now I have no clue. Oh and was going to tell you that light post was great. All of those pictures were beautiful.

nightfall00 said...

I loved your infrared and your something peaceful! Also your something precious was very precious indeed :)

Ang said...

I love your first shot... who would have thought to use unlit lights?! So simple and a really interesting image! They were all great though... nice work!

Michelle said...

Great job on the photo hunt. My favs are the something peaceful and the tree shot.

Brandon and Annie said...

I like the tree shot too. Nice job Heidi :)

CC said...

Those are soooo cool!!!!! I love them all.

InspiredDreamer said...

Look at those beautiful photos!! Love it!

Patricia said...

wow I love those shots. Really amazing! I love how you described them. Tres cool!

Chris said...

Heidi -- these are gorgeous! I love that "something" cold picture!

I would hang that on my wall!

kayerj said...

put the tree shot back in! I loved it.

You've got to tell me how you did your new infrared shots--I'm dumbfounded and speechless.

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Great job Heidi, there were many that I loved!!! You are the last gallery I had to go through so I can start posting my favorites VERY SOON!!! Yay