Monday, August 31, 2009

Photo Scavenger Hunt: August

I have to admit that this Photo Hunt was a bit of a challenge for me. You see I know absolutely nothing about photography. The following pictures don't give justice to the hours that it took to capture one picture that was half way decent for each category. I learned a lot through this challenge. I found myself looking at the world through the lens of the camera every day. It was great! If you would like to join Kristi for her next photo hunt click on the emblem above!
Thanks Kristi!!!!

1. A Fountain

2. A Road Or Pathway

3. A Fence

4. A Symbol

5. A Black and White Photo

6. A Clunker Car

7. A Cool Car

8. A Portrait

9. Amusment

10. Back To School

11. Urban/City

12. Suburban

13. Country/Rural

14. Something Domestic

15. Something Wild

16. Something Silver

17. Something Gold

18. Something Shiny

19. something Miniature

20. Something Delicious

I know this last one dates my blog, this is currently my fourth week here at Cake Crumbs! It's been Great! Thanks to all of you who have visited!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Funnies: Consideration

Halloween starts early at our house. I know, I know it's not even September! But I'm in charge of organizing the Halloween Carnival for my kids' school. So anything that I want to do for our own personal Halloween night excursion needs to be done and over with before September 3rd or there just isn't time, and I think my kids would be in tears if on Halloween morning they had to show up at school in their skivvies!

So with that in mind...

Earlier in the week my girls spent long hours on the computer shopping for the perfect Halloween Costume. My oldest decided that everyone needed a great vampire outfit. She shopped and shopped and shopped until she found the perfect Regal Vampire costume that insured her "bite was a royal pain."

Next my middle child hopped on my lap and we started surfing through page after page of costumes. She still hasn't committed to anything yet. But time's a tickin' she better hurry!

Last my youngest crawled up and curled up into a comfy position and we browsed through the same pictures, again.

Well at three years she quite likes animals and gravitated to the cute cuddly costumes. She decided that she wanted to be a puddle (poodle).

But the shopping didn't stop there. She shopped for her 2 sisters, her dad and she found a cute little something for me. "Ooh mommy, that's pretty!" She said as she pointed to the above picture. "That's what you should be."

As I looked at the picture I was positive that the only person that would actually want to see me in something like that would be my husband. And I think that even he would be embarrassed.

I was so appalled with the costumes that these websites are considering appropriate for teenagers and adults!

And to the people that actually purchase these outfits- does all common courtesy for the eyes that have to look at you go flying helplessly over the highway bypass and get run over by three 16 wheelers on October 31st? Would you seriously consider wearing that any other day of the year?

I mean come on. Look at yourself in the mirror before you leave the house in the morning and make sure that your cottage cheese isn't sliding out past the hem of that tiny little thing you call a costume.

Ok, I know that was a bit harsh, the reason: Last year at the ELEMENTARY school carnival I invited EVERYONE to feel free to dress up. I later regretted this decision when SEVERAL of the moms showed up with their @$$e$ hanging down below their itsy bitsy, teeny weenie, yellow polka dot- bar tavern wench costumes. I saw several of the older boys in school pointing and laughing at one said mother which of course made said mother's daughter cry. Have a little consideration for your poor children when you choose to clad yourselves on that wondrous of all days!

Ok, I just stepped off my high horse and I promise that I will not ascend to the hairy throne again.

If you'd like to read an actual funny post today you might want to check out one of my earlier posts in the week. Click here to see it.

If you'd like to play along, look through your week and find the funniest thing that happened and jot it down. Either leave your story in the comments or send me a link to it and I'll come check it out!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Unconscious Mutterings #2

Free word association game. 10 words, write the first thing that pops into your head. Here are my responses

"I say-you think"

My Answers-/My husbands answers
1. Spinning :: Cotton turning into thread /Top
2. Impasse :: Twilight (sorry!) -Catch 22
3. Gravy :: Grandma's brown turkey gravy /Winning an argument
4. You are :: Here
5. September :: Apples /October
6. Divulge :: Whispered secrets /Concealed
7. Training :: Boot Camp /Save Me
8. Crap! :: Dog/ Diapers
9. Results :: Lots of work /Consequence
10. Shutting down :: My computer because it's dumb./I have a headache

Join in the fun!

Photo Hunt: Surprise!

My entry this week is perhaps not the most fantastic picture. I promise that there is a surprise lurking somewhere in there. And no it's not rodents, cockroaches or termites. Hallelujah!

We found this little surprise after our local furniture store loaded in our new bedroom furniture. I admit that my bedroom isn't the biggest, but really, did you HAVE to put the doorknob through the wall!

Sorry my nephew's cake seems to keep popping up in posts. And it really isn't one of my better one's. It was made with cream cheese filling and his party was on a very hot day. By the time we got the cake to the party the filling had melted and it looked more like a cricket bat than a baseball bat. Oh, well I tried.

Come join in the fun!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Photo Story Friday: Jailbird!

So yesterday while I was wandering around the blogging world I read an incredibly funny story with pictures added to it. It was great, it was entertaining, and it was a really sad story. I know very contradictory sentence there. But I liked the style so well that I decided to try my Photo Story for the week in this format. I'm not sure if it will work or not. Let me know!

You know how everyone says troubles always come in threes. Well my sister is proof of this very concept.

One day, (#1 the day she kinda got fired) my sister and her oldest son were driving on their way to a scout meeting. As she approached the white line where she was waiting for a red light to turn green, a police officer pulled up beside her and turned right. While she turned to watch him turn the light made its change and she started through the intersection. SCREECH! SQUEAL! WHAM! A horrible little teenager decided to shoot the gap and go first, she turned left before my sister who was going straight had a chance to stop and my sister slammed into the back of her car. (#2)

The only casualty in the accident was my sister's car. :(

May it rest in pieces. Well on the bright side my sister ended up getting a new car.


This is the first new car that she has ever owned. She's been pretty excited about it.

But as with many new used cars it came with a few bugs that needed to be worked out.

Happily, she was issued a lovely rental car that she lovingly called "The POS." Her three year old just loves to tell everyone that their car is a POS. It's rather entertaining.

This is not an actual picture of the car. The one that she was driving around was red and had dealer stickers plastered like wallpaper all over the front window.

One Friday afternoon, my mom, my younger sister, my three girls and I all went out to see my sister's new classroom at her new school. It is located in the little village, oh I mean town, just north of where we live, so you have to go on the highway to get to it.

We went, we saw, we left. My sister of course left before us because we had so many people to load up. But eventually we did make our way out onto the highway.

But apparently as we were blissfully driving home my sister glanced in her POS's rear view mirror and saw

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Well as you can imagine she nearly POS in her pants.

As the policeman cautiously approached the vehicle my sister rolled down her window.

PM- Can I see your license and Registration Please?

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KT(My Sister)-"Uh, I don't have registration. This isn't my car!"

PM- "That's what I thought. Where did you get this car?"

KT- "It's a loaner, my car is having work done and the dealership gave me this car as a loaner until mine's done getting fixed.

Suddenly sirens split the air for the second time in 5 minutes.

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The cop tured to watch as his fellow boys in blue swung around to park in front of my sister, blocking her escape.

My sister's mouth falls in her lap.
KT- "What's going on?"
PM- "Well, you see the problem is that a car of this make and model with dealer stickers and license plate was reported stolen from that same dealership."
KT- "I didn't steal this car it's a loaner!"
PM- "We'll see."

Sweat started beading up on her face and neck as she started contemplating her fate. (#3)

The policeman's cohorts exited their cars and approached to act as a guard while the first PM on scene returned to his car.

For a few very stress filled minutes she just waited, and waited, and waited.

And then the policeman walked back up to her driver's side window and said

PM- "Well I guess you didn't steal this car, apparently the vin # doesn't match."

Now I know that that was a pretty anti-climatic ending to the story but my sister was very happy!

Hopefully this is the end of her bad luck.

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Sepia Scenes: Weenies!

With summer days winding down I wanted to remember one of the best parts of long lazy days. I love driving for hours to get to a secluded spot on an open mountain range, parking on a hill of dirt and rolling out the weenies! Now normally I really hate hotdogs, but my kids love them. And a hotdog doesn't really taste like fake meat when its been roasted over an open fire and infused with the flavor of cedar, smoke, and dirt. And then the best part is following that processed log with a gooey, sticky smore. Yum! Are you drooling yet? I didn't think so.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Feather In a Bucket

Ruby Tuesday: Red Fruit

Red Strawberries in a Strawberry Swirl Cake with Fresh Berry Cream Cheese Filling
If you'd like to see the cake before it was devoured click here.

Join in the fun if you'd like!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Funnies Meme #2

If you'd like to play along just take a look through your week and find the funniest moment and jot it down. Leave a comment with your answer or a link to your address!

I stepped out of my van in front of my Mom's house with the intention of picking up my kids. As I started toward the front steps my oldest daughter came speeding up beside me on her bike.
I greeted her with a quick "Hello."
And she responded with a gravely serious look and said, "Mom, do you see that pitch fork over there?"
"No," I said. "Where?"
"Over there at the neighbors," she said pointing across the street. "On the porch, in the corner."
"Um, yeah now that you point it out."
Becoming even more serious than before she asked, "Do you know what they do with that?"
"Well I have no idea."
"They use it to kill people that walk in there yard!"

Oh to be a kid again with the wild imaginations of the terrible neighbor across the street being a mass murderer. You know you had one too.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Unconscious Mutterings

Free word association game. 10 words, write the first thing that pops into your head. Here are my responses

I say.. ..and you think

  1. Disguised :: Spiderman

  2. Big wheel :: Water Mill

  3. Irritating :: Temper Tantrums

  4. Care :: Bear Stare

  5. Grandpa :: Struggling

  6. Shooting :: Zoot Suit

  7. Sunglasses :: Hollywood

  8. Stampede :: Texas Long Horn Steer

  9. Painstakingly :: Blogging, Quilting

  10. Terrible position :: Head Lock

Photo Hunt: Ripples

Here's trying to think outside of the box.

And here's what first came to my mind.