Saturday, August 29, 2009

Unconscious Mutterings #2

Free word association game. 10 words, write the first thing that pops into your head. Here are my responses

"I say-you think"

My Answers-/My husbands answers
1. Spinning :: Cotton turning into thread /Top
2. Impasse :: Twilight (sorry!) -Catch 22
3. Gravy :: Grandma's brown turkey gravy /Winning an argument
4. You are :: Here
5. September :: Apples /October
6. Divulge :: Whispered secrets /Concealed
7. Training :: Boot Camp /Save Me
8. Crap! :: Dog/ Diapers
9. Results :: Lots of work /Consequence
10. Shutting down :: My computer because it's dumb./I have a headache

Join in the fun!


Shirl said...

Great mutterings, and two for the price of one! how cool is that!

Hootin Anni said...

Dog diapers? I almost spewed out my orange juice all over the keyboard with that!

My mutterings are now posted. Hope you can stop by!

Le Butterfly said...


yeh computers can be dumb - lol

Unknown said...

I like that you put your husband's answers too. Nice!

Cat. said...

I was only going to say that I may steal your idea and take the Unconscious words to my husband...but it seems that everyone else thinks you're cool for that reason too! :-) Good answers, both of you.

MommyW said...

Your answers were hilarious - in particular seeing both of yours together... Have a great week!


Becca said...

I know some people have gravy preferences...but I have not found a gravy I don't like!

kayerj said...

1. Spinning :: your face on the stick game
2. Impasse :: argument
3. Gravy :: milk
4. You are :: Here
5. September :: sapphire
6. Divulge :: gossip
7. Training :: bra
8. Crap! :: cuss
9. Results :: test
10. Shutting down :: computer