Monday, February 22, 2010

Project 365: The Missing week Six

Day 36

February 5th
After spending an entire day setting up a Book Basket Auction for a fundraiser
for the PTA, Emma and I took a few minutes to relax and eat INSIDE Wendy's
This was very brave, considering the last time we ate INSIDE a restaurant one
of the girls threw their Binky and hit the waitress in the head.

Day 37
February 6th
I never thought I would pay money to take my makeup off in front of 300 women.
My friend and I drove up to Salt Lake City through a huge snow storm
to have a guy teach us how to do our makeup at a Mary Kay Conference.

Day 38
February 7th
Our Valentine Day party got a little wild.  My Aunt left a little tipsy by the end.

Day 39
February 8th
I know you can't really see them, but I was trying to shoot two bald eagles that were flying over my
neighborhood.  This was the only picture that I caught both of them in.  I think that I had blind
sun spots in my eyes all day.
Day 40
February 9th
A week of flowers.  A week of roses, carnations and lilies.  Lots and lots of roses.

Day 41
Why oh why do we always have something break right when things are the most crazy?

February 10
Our resident plumber, and his, um, plumber's essentials.

Day 42
Last minute Valentine run.  It was the only box of actual valentine's left.  That's what I get for procrastinating.

February 11th
The conclusion of the drippy faucet.  My dad and Emma working hard at changing out the new valve.  She is such a big helper!  Just ask Grandpa


Amy said...

Better late than never, though. I adore the color of your kitchen wall! That green is to die for! Really, I am feeling inspired to paint a room in my future house that color.

Leslie said...

Sounds like a great week. I love the plumbers crack.

Emmy said...

Love that flower picture. Something about a single flower in a cup like that is just awesome. And Grandpa understands what to do with his shirt when working on the sink ;)

Nat said...

I'm sure that plumber is glad to have his "plumber essentials" out for all to see! :)

Janae S said...

You know, I recognize the hair on your resident plumber, but I've never paid much attention to his essentials. It feels so wrong to have even seen that pic...

Love the photos! I was getting worried about you!

kayerj said...

does your plumber know you posted his essentials?

We did have a wild party didn't we

and I think that was a perfect valentine box for a class party

glad your week with the "Ladies of Love" is over--get some rest.

Mimi said...

Another lovely selection from your week, Heidi.
The flower is very pretty, much prettier than the plumber's bum!
Emma looks so cute, sitting cross-legged watching her Grandpa.

Chris said...

What exactly do you guys do at your Valentines parties?

A GUY taught you how to do your makeup? That's a little disturbing...

I want to know how that waitress reacted to being assaulted with a binky...