Friday, May 21, 2010

Photo Story Friday: Spun Gold

I have to admit that there is one thing that I absolutely love about my daughter that I think nears perfection, her long, luscious hair.
Her hair streams like fine strands of gold, and shimmers in a bit of sunlight.  I love to braid it and pull it into various hairstyles that can only be achieved with a large amount of hair.  She has sworn that she would keep her long princess hair forever.

Last week Kira came home from school and announced that she wanted to cut off 12" of her hair to donate to someone who had cancer.  I didn't quite know what to say at first.  I had that momentary thought that I could never let her hair go.  But after some quick thinking I excitedly told her that we would find someone that could cut her hair and donate it to locks of love.  How could I ever really have said no to such a request.
There was one condition that I insisted on before she had her hair cut, that she let me take a few pictures of her in her baptism dress with her long hair still intact.  It was too short notice to hire a professional photographer so my meager pictures will have to sufice.  I took the pictures on Saturday.

When she got up Tuesday morning we did her hair the way she liked best, in a braid.  Her hair appointment was scheduled for after school and she was nervous and excited all at the same time.  When she got into the chair at the hairdressers the lady asked Kira if she was ready and she answered with an excited nod.  Then she snipped twelve inches off Kira's braid.

The remaining hair fell like a waterfall around her face and down her back.  There was more left than I had expected.

After a bit of cutting and styling Kira had a brand new look. 
I am so proud of Kira's decision to give something that was precious to her to someone in need.  Thank you Kira for being such a good example for me.


Mimi said...

Kira is so thoughtful!
And her new hairstyle is lovely, quite grown-up.
My eldest daughter announced the same when she was about ten, but unfortunately we couldn't get it sent to locks of love, across the Atlantic.
Imagine how good the person with cancerwill feel, wearing a wig made from those gorgeous locks.
Good to see you back, Heidi.

kayerj said...

*sniff,sniff* grandma is proud of Kira too.
I think she looks very cute and vivacious in her new doo!

Jen L. said...

What a brave, thoughtful, mature and selfless thing to do! You should be very proud of your girl (I know you are!). She looks beautiful with her new 'do.

Brandon and Annie said...

I can't believe she did it! She's so cute :)

Rachel said...

She is such a sweet girl! Isn't it great that hair grows back:) Then she can do it all over again! Way to go Kira!

Anonymous said...

My blue eyed, blonde, little girl did the very same thing! i miss her beautiful long hair, but she loves her short hair! This was a sweet post!

Emmy said...

Wow you are right her hair is beautiful! I love that shot of her back, when I first saw the picture I honestly thought you had it taken professionally. She is still very beautiful.

Nat said...

So sweet!
...and she is still gorgeous! :)

Mal said...

Oh I love her hair before and after! She looks so much older with the shorter hair and it is such a cute cut! What a sweet girl!

CC said...

What gorgeous hair!!!!! My daughter also has incredible hair, but she hates it. So last year we agreed that we would cut her hair to donate it. But then we said she had to grow it back!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

That is SO awesome!!! What a special gift to give to another child who is dealing with cancer. What a beautiful wig her hair will make. What a sweet kiddo. Her new haircut is really cute too!

Killara girl said...

wow that's a tough one. my dh won't let my girls cut their hair at all.