Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Funnies! #1

I decided that it would be fun to share something funny that happened during my week.
I will most likely write about my 3 hilariously entertaining girls, but every once in a while I'm sure something else will come up.

A few nights ago I put all three of my girls down for the night and made my way down to the basement to spend a little time with my husband. We popped in Lord of the Rings and figured we'd call it a night before too long.
After nearly half an hour we started hearing little noises coming from upstairs. It was quiet enough that that neither my husband nor I knew exactly what we were hearing.
My husband went upstairs to check it out.
He found the bathroom door closed but the light was on. Mystery solved, or so we thought. After a few seconds he heard giggling and opened the door and saw...
My 5 year old sitting on top of the toilet lid wearing a pair of pink swimming goggles while my 7 year old painted her face with her homemade "makeup" that she had created out of sticks, dirt, and bubble bath! She assured us that her sisters face would be smooth and shiny when she woke up in the morning.
It was so funny that couldn't be mad at them for sneaking out of bed.

Please feel free to leave any Funnies that you've had during the week!


kayerj said...

did she wake up with a smooth and shiny face? And where was the third little one while this was going on?

Little bear was riding his bike back and forth to the corner today, after every trip he'd say, "Grandma, I'm so fast I'm making wind."

Heidi said...

Her face was a little chapped when she woke up in the morning but a good scrubbing cleared that right up.
Little bear, did he make wind or break wind?

kayerj said...

hey, come play tuesday teaser--

Anti-Supermom said...

So Sweet - and interesting that they got away going to bed with sticks and dirt?! ;)