Saturday, September 19, 2009

Unconcious Mutterings #4

  1. Disconnect :: Cell Phone Cord (Me) Umbilical Cord (Hub) 
  2. Contribute :: Your share (Me) Taxes (Hub)
  3. Dismay :: My Three girls (Me) Dishes (Hub)
  4. Constant :: As the stars above (Me) Work calls (Hub)
  5. Nails :: Hammer (Me) EM's painted nails (Hub)
  6. Vibrate :: Polite cell phone owner (Me) Taking the 5th (Hub)
  7. Therapy :: Lounge couch (Me) My Life (Hub)
  8. Stupid :: A$$ (Me) Girl drivers (Hub) *smack*
  9. Poo :: My last two Sunday Funny Stories (Me) A "nice" surprise (Hub)
  10. Commune :: God (Me) David Karesh (Hub)
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Hootin Anni said...

Hmmmmmmmm, your #10...eerie. I did the same, almost!!

Your little girl reading, above is darling.

My Mutterings are posted, if you decide to visit me today, scroll down a bit to view mine, okay?

Unknown said...

we matched on Stupid!

kayerj said...

Disconnect :: telephone
Contribute :: donations
Dismay :: weight
Constant :: day after day
Nails :: Hammer
Vibrate :: cell phone
Therapy ::Psychiatrist
Stupid :: reality television
Poo :: Winnie the,
Commune :: Prayer

Shirl said...

cool mutterings!!!

Manda said...

#6 just cracked me up. Great way to put it together with your hubs. Love it. =0)