Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sepia Scenes: Christmas Was A Hit!

Every year a bowl is quietly passed around my ever growing family.  As each member of the family reaches into the bowl they swirl around all the little folded pieces of paper until they feel that they have mixed them efficiently enough to get the person that they want.
When the small papers are opened and their secret person is revealed all the fun begins.  For an entire month we scheme and plot and plan what to give our secret person.  We also have a month to see if we can trick anyone into revealing who they drew out of the bowl.  My kids didn't quite get this concept.  Everyone knew who they had. ^shrug^ maybe next year.
This year my husband drew out my nephew TIG's name.  I watched and waited until something was slipped to see what we should get for him.  One afternoon he went on and on about how much he loved "The Christmas Story" and how he would stay up for the full 24 hour marathon that was on TV at Christmas time.  Well the wheels started turning, and a gift idea was born.
I was going to get him that leg lamp.
But it proved to be more difficult than I had hoped for.  So, after talking to Kevin about the idea of a BB gun he jumped right on board.  We started looking online and then at the store trying to find something that we thought would work.  That's when we stumbled across this beauty!  It couldn't have been more perfect!
So Christmas Eve arrived and the presents were sprawled under the tree with their pretty papers and shinning festive bows.
When it was my nephews turn to open his gift, Kevin handed him a small cylinder shaped gift and told him that we had heard a rumor about how much he like the "Christmas Story" so we decided that it would be fun to give him a few things from the movie.
As my nephew tore into the package he found to his surprise a bottle of BB's.  My husband continued, "Now we didn't want you to shoot your eye out with the actual gun so we thought you could just throw these at things and no one would get hurt."
His parents laughed and said that he used his grandpa's BB gun all the time.
TIG tore into his next gift and exclaimed with excitement.  It was the movie "A Christmas Story".
"Alright, now I can watch it all the time."
After a few seconds he started to sit down and Kevin interrupted him mid sit.
"Oh, wait, what's that behind the tree?"  He teased him.  TIG ran to the tree and circled as best he could until he found the package in question.  Waisting no time on the pretty paper he tore into it with the energy that only a ten year old boy can possess. 
"Whoa, it's a Red Ryder BB Gun!!!"  He exclaimed with a huge grin spreading across his face.

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kayerj said...

love that picture--so far he hasn't shot his eye out.

Mimi said...

Ah, sweet story Heidi!
The build-up was fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Loved your story and the photo is perfect! Happy New Year.

Chris said...!!!

Talk to me next year - -I occasionally make leg lamps.

By the way, whatever happened to the cookies....

Patti said...

That's a great story, Heidi. The sepia is perfect to give your photo an old-fashioned look.

Fun post!

Happy New Year to you and yours.

Janae S said...

I love it! What a lucky nephew you have there!

Annie Jeffries said...

This is so fabulous. I'm sending it to my husband. He loves The Christmas Story and he will love reading your recreation.

Annielf's DH said...

The Vermont Country Store had the leg lamp.

Cool story!

Nat said...

I must have that! Where did you get it? I am anti-gun, but I love the Christmas Story! I actually gave my hubs a leg lamp ornament for Christmas last year. He found a place online that will custom make pink bunny pj's. I may have to get him some next year! What a fabulous show!

I just wanted to comment on your comment about the dry nights. My fourth little dude has slept in undies for the past week. He wakes up dry every morning! (knock on wood...) This makes me think that it really is the kid, and that the parents can't really do anything about it...except keep buying UnderJams! Hooray for diaperlessness and dry nights! (maybe someday all of my kids will grow out of bedwetting!)

Sorry for that bit of randomness!

Nat said...

Just in case you're interested for next year:

Unknown said...

THIS made me tear up...awesome job...and isn't that what makes the holidays so awesome...seeing the joy you can give to others by just being thoughtful.

love it.