Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sepia Scenes: Pioneers, Pickles and Pies!

Every year for Thanksgiving we go to my husband's Mom and Dad's to enjoy a wonderful dinner with all the family.  My kids love to see their cousins and I really enjoy visiting with all the adults. 
Every year my daughter's also insist on dressing up as pioneers, since it was in honor of the pioneers and Indians that we have this great feast.  I only got a picture of my oldest, K, with her bonnet on, IZ wouldn't leave hers on long enough for a decent picture and we don't have a bonnet that fits EM anymore.  So she wore a BYU beanie.  It worked.
EM's favorite part of dinner was pie, more specifically, the whipped cream.  I think the kids ate half a pie with an entire bowl of whipped cream.
It was great!

*******As pointed out by my lovely mother, and then by my loving husband, yes I screwed up, I live in Utah and we have pioneers here.  Yes I do know that it was Indians and PILGRIMS that were really in attendance at the first Thanksgiving.  Thank you for looking past my blond moment.*******


Anti-Supermom said...

Hi Heidi,
You emailed me last week, I was still at my parents, so I think I missed some stuff from you. I'm sorry - I've been missing you!

Anyhow... sounds like your Thanksgiving was picture perfect. I love that your daughters dress up like pioneer women, that my friend, is adorable.

kayerj said...

ummmm . . . I think it's pilgrims and Indians.

And Em at a whole bowl of whipped cream without the pie at my house. Love all your shots today, especially K and Em and Iz yesterday. I posted sepia on Saturday.

Annie Jeffries said...

Hi Heidi. Adorable, she is. Delish is that pie, but, someone looks full. :-)

Rachel said...

Great pictures Heidi! i just love Thanksgiving!

CC said...

Love the blond moment!!

That 1st picture is awesome.

Anonymous said...

A series of warm and wonderful photos!