Friday, January 29, 2010

Photo Story Friday: Motherhood

Tuesday evening came, the kids were finally asleep and the hubby and I popped in a movie that we had rented.  Motherhood with Uma Thurman.

I have been so excited to watch this movie, I just knew that I was going to find a movie that I could really connect with.  A woman who could show the world the joys and sorrows that come with this ever shrinking occupation, the SAHM.  And to top it all off she was a blogger.  Yes I admit that I was excited when we pushed the play button.
That enthusiasm lasted about five minutes.  This was not the stay at home mom that I thought would be a crusader for our cause, but an angry, resentful woman that didn't seem to enjoy anything about her life.
One part of the movie was that she wanted to write for a parenting blog, she had to send in 500 words about what motherhood meant to her.  When she finally finished it and it was read at the end of the movie all I could think was hypocrite.
And so today I would like to give my thoughts about being a mom.  And I can sum it up into one word:

I picked this word, because even though it consists of only three letters, it is a powerful word.  Joy consists of much more than just happiness.  Joy is a deep feeling that causes you to be moved.  Joy cannot exist without feeling sorrow, deep sorrow.  Joy is something that is earned.  It takes commitment, hard work, and LOVE.
And this to me is what motherhood is. 
NO, it's not always easy, there are times when I would like to go back to work and leave the daily chore of raising children to a babysitter.  I mean who really wants to clean up after a toddler learning to go potty?  Who really wants to do dishes, laundry and clean for everyone that lives in the house?  Who really wants to watch Spongebob?  Who really wants to read The Big Hungry Bear 11 times in one hour?  Who really wants to have their two year old throw their binky at the waitress?  Who really wants to have to apologize to someone because their daughter has just whispered "that lady's fat"?  Who didn't sit down and cry the day that they realized that the fairy tale ending was never going to happen?
I feel confident that I am not alone in these feelings.  But I hope that I am not alone in wanting this life despite the dark side of it.
When we have the opportunity of becoming a mother we are given a chance to work hand in hand with God in creating a wonderful little body for one of his precious children. 
I LOVE being a mom. 
I love being the one who my kids want when they are sick. 
I love that I am their comfort when they are scared or hurt. 
I love reading "The Big Hungry Bear" to them 11 times in one hour. 
I love to watch them learn, I love to help them discover the world from a gentle perspective.
I love fixing them dinner and having each one of them tell me they love my cooking (granted this one doesn't happen very often, so that's why I love it when it does).  I love to read them bedtime stories. 
I love to see them play.
I love when they pile on their dad 
I love the adventures that we find ourselves in. 
I love to see them laugh. 
I love the way that they make me laugh. 
I love the things they say. 
I love their unique personalities.

I also love the sorrows that we have had with our kids.  I feel that these obstacles, even though they cause sadness for a time, bind us together as a family unit.  Making us stronger than we are by ourselves.

Motherhood is my life, and it's a life that I love.

What does motherhood mean to you?

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Cecily R said...

This post was PERFECTION.

I love the word JOY. It means so many things.

I love all your loves in motherhood.

I haven't seen the movie, but it sounds like YOU should have been the one to write those 500 words!

Mimi said...

Heidi, how do you do it?
This is such a beautiful post, and I know you're writing from your heart.
I agree with everything you loved.
But the most telling one is this "I also love the sorrows that we have had with our kids".
It's easy to love the good times, but to be there for them during bad times, and times of sorrow, is something else, a privilege, a place only a parent can appreciate.
Thanks for sharing this and for reminding me what a JOY and an honour it is to be a parent.

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

I am so bummed that the movie was not what you expected -- I was looking forward to it too. Shoot. Beautiful post though, and your kiddos are beutiful too. :)

Killlashandra said...

I've never heard of the movie but I'll pass. Joy is an excellent word to sum everything up with, I certainly have experienced quite a bit of it with my kids I often wish I was a SAHM but that's not likely to ever happen.

Rachel said...

Heidi what a great post! The funny thing is I was just about motherhood and being a SAHM. I was thinking how I've been home with my boys for 3 months now and luckily I get to stay home just until after easter. Unfortunately I have to return to work to help with the financial situation:( But I was thinking what have I done to make a difference in my children's life since I've been home with them. Have I done all I can do? Should I do more? I've just decided to live in the moment. Do what I can for the day I'm in. I have been pondering this subject. Thanks so much for your post. I enjoy being a mother too. It's what i've always wanted to be!

Emmy said...

Bummer, I thought that movie would be good. Too bad. And love your definitions of motherhood.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I find it so sad when mothers seem to resent being a mother. They complain about it and hate it and just ramble about it constantly and act as if it is the worst thing that has ever happened to them. I don't get it....if it was so horrible, then why did they become parents.

I love it too and to me, motherhood is joy as well.

Nat said...

I completely agree with everything you said. Well done!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Very touching post. I'm all teary-eyed. I feel the same way.

I had heard that the movie didn't get very good reviews. No wonder. The good moments outweigh the tough ones by leaps and bounds.

My kids have taught me so much and have made me a better person, though I know I still have a lot to learn. I love how they view life and get excited about the smallest things. I'm so very grateful to be a mom.

Anonymous said...

Hey Heidi! Thanks for stopping by for PSF again (In the Wings). The motorhome pic & the retirement cake go hand in hand. My parents, who live about 45 minutes away from us are about to hit the road. They're selling their house. My dad retired after 28 years w/ Lockheed Martin & my mom was always a SAHM. So now they're off to see the world.... motorhome style. It's a big transition & change for me b/c they're selling my childhood home, the place that has been "home" for 32 years! And they won't be near to just visit. But, we're moving to Nebraska this summer, so we're all transitioning this year as well!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by again. Love your post. Such truth in it. Beautifully put.


latree@dandelion said...

oh yes being a mom is amazing. sure you will find JOY, if you understand that :)

Leslie said...

Loved your post. One thing you will never regret as you get older is the time you have been able to spend with your children. I have been in both places of stay at home and working. Staying at home is a lot harder but definitely more rewarding. You can always be replaced at work but never as a mother.

Cheryl Lage said...

What a perfect post, and one I wish Hollywood would read! (Why oh why is it that the assumption is that being a SAHM is something an intelligent, professional, competent woman could not embrace? I ADORED my time as a SAHM...and would LOVE to keep doing it, but my husband REALLY wants to be a SAHD and now for some health reasons, he's getting his wish and I'm back in the workforce.)

'Twould be a wise screenwriter who could discern and describe with veracity the ELECTIVE (and loved!) profession so many women have embarked upon!

Fantastic post---I'm a follower for sure.

amber_mtmc said...

I love being a mom. I am so grateful I get to spend all day with my babies.

Yet, I have moments when it becomes overwhelming. Two babies crying, the house is filthy, and I haven't been able to hop in the shower.
With my husband in school, I don't expect--nor get--any relief from him. Thus, I am alone.

And, you know what? It is hard.

It is hard to wake up every morning knowing that I cannot ask for help. Knowing that I am alone.

Anyway, I am getting overly emotional. Sorry!

I actually wrote something similar to this as a guest post on another blogger's blog:
check it out if you want.

Thanks for the thoughts.

Diane Schmidt said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I started reading this post and then almost had to stick my fingers in my ears so I couldn't here more (are you laughing at me yet) I didn't know about the movie and another line in I'm thinking you didn't either-but I couldn't read any further-I don't like to know what happens before I watch movies, so I'm going to quickly scroll up to the top to get he title and netflix it..I'm here to see photos I know and am now typing a book...Cut photo of I'm assuming dad and daughter-I'd know for sure if read the post wouldn't I...I'm following and can't wait to see what you'll post next, unless it's a movie I'll have to watch it first and then read....I see you a to :) Hope you are laughing and have a great weekend.

Run DMT said...

What a touching post! I share you sentiments EXACTLY! No one said Motherhood was easy. Some days you want to pull your hair out, but then there are days that you feel so blessed that you get to be your children's mother.

Thanks for yesterday for PSF. I am glad I stopped by! :-)

Amanda D said...

You've no idea how much I needed to read this post today. The last couple days at my house have been awful. I was laying in bed last night thinking about what I need to do to change it, and I realized that I need to do some more hard work. I need to quit being selfish, and work. This post is a confirmation of what I was thinking. I'm going to find the JOY! THanks!

kayerj said...

*tears* your mother is very proud of you. I have a lot of "Joy". I have wonderful children and grandchildren.

Corey~living and loving said...

love love love this post. movies like that make me sad.....some blogs are like that. they make me sad.
I like to celebrate motherhood. Thank you for sharing your JOY!

Michelle said...

That was an awesome post! Motherhood must have gotten some terrible reviews because I don't even recall it making it into the movie theaters! Sounds like from your review it is one to skip.

Chris said...

Heidi, this was one of the best blog posts I've read in a VERY long time. Your words were perfection. Joy is so much more than happiness -- joy is like sunlight, or softly falling rain. It surrounds us, and envelops us. It's effects linger long after it's cause has passed on.

And, like you, I find the greatest joy of all in my family.

Thanks for the inspiration :)

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Being a mom is definitely a joyful job and experience.

Claremont First Ward said...

This is such a beautiful post. I actually worked on a social media compaign to promote this movie because it looked so promising. I got to talk to Uma Thurman and the director. I even wrote posts for their website. And then I heard what you just told me and I was SO disheartened. I put my name behind a movie I hadn't seen hoping it would be wonderful........and........they didn't even research blogging so it's not even a realistic view of blogging from what I've heard. Boo.

Emily said...

Such a great list!! You're is the perfect word.

Annie Jeffries said...

Perfect poster illustration.
Perfect joy.
Perfect toothsomeness
Perfect LOVE.

rian said...

Hi, came here via the photo hunt challenge site. I agree about JOY- my mom gave me a wood cutout of the word JOY for christmas after I had my daughter and she said, "I don't know if you realize it, but you've been using this word a LOT lately" :)

Photography and cake decorating? I think I have a new bookmark to save!

Janae S said...

I'm a little emotional after reading your post! I agree with you on everything! Thanks for taking the time to write this post! Wonderful!