Friday, January 29, 2010

Project 365: Week Three

Day 22
January 22nd
This is how Emma's portrait session for last week's Photo Story Friday Really went.
After she destroyed her lovely hair do she proceeded to drape the broken
ponytail holder over her lips.  She then told me that they were her "vampire teeth".

Day 23

January 23rd
We attempted to pack up our TV to send back to get repaired.
We pulled it off the stand wrapped it in the provided bubble wrap that my children had
nearly cleared of bubbles.  And tried to stick it in a box that ended up being
ten inches short.  Oops.  Guess we should have measured before we started.

Day 24
January 24th
We had a little poodle attend church with us today. 
But she didn't want to get her paws wet in the snow.

Day 25

Jaunuary 25th
Izzy passed off her first 25 sight words!!!!  To celebrate we went to get ice cream.
She picked strawberry with bubble gum.  A LOT of bubble gum.

Day 26
January 26th
Izzy's class got to go bowling for their read before bed reward.  I was invited to go along
and so Emma and I headed out to enjoy in the chaos!
Strobe lights, glowing socks, dropping bowling balls, who doesn't love a great Kindergarten field trip?

Day 27
We had a Sun Dog in the sky this morning. 
*Sigh* I did have hopes that the groundhog would announce that winter was at an end.

Day 28
January 28th
Not much to say other than, POPCORN!

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Anonymous said...

Your poodle is too funny.

Love the photo session with your silly little girl.

The sky on #27 is beautiful!

Mmmmmm popcorn.

Amanda D said...

Great sky pictures. They are all great ~ capturing the little moments of life.

I didn't even know it was ground hog day. I must live under a rock. Considering the wind we're having, I'm guessing he didn't see his shadow here. :(

Emily said...

Awesome photos! I love that you showed us the "real" photo shoot with Emma!

Emmy said...

Great pictures! Looks like it has been a good week. All except for the broken TV :(

Mimi said...

LOL at your TV story! Sorry, maybe I shouldn't've, but it's exactly like something we'd do here!
Love Emma's photo shoot- she's 100%cutey.

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

That sky shot is amazing, and I love the bowling. So cool!!!

kayerj said...

Heidi--I love this blog because I get to see your kids through your eyes. So fun for me. And I get to see you talent--I'm always amazed. The bowling shot is my favorite this week.

Michelle said...

Fun shots for the week. I especially like the bowling shot.