Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Funnies: All Aboard The Bipolar Express!

There I was, one day left to go and still 144 tissue paper flowers to whip out, with so little time remaining.  I suppose I could have forgone all sleep in order to meet my dead line, but I chose another route.  I put my kids and husband to work, that's why I have them right?  I know sweat shops are frowned upon, but I needed help!
My fingers ached with the pain of twisting petal after petal, and I thought to myself 'how do I get myself into this crap craft?'   And so when the morning came my sweet husband was sent to work with a pile of pretty pink tissue paper and a bundle of wire with instructions on how to create a delicate carnation.  He worked tirelessly and in the process whipped out 24 flowers and gained the nickname of princess. 
By the time school was out I was starting to sweat bullets because I was only half way to my goal.  So an assembly line was formed.  And my kids were bribed with a trip out for dinner (mostly because I had no where to put diner because the counter and table were covered in crap craft supplies).

Emma was put to the task of threading buttons onto wire.  She picked up the task with vigor and finished 15 of them before she got any help. 

Kira's assignment, making pretty petals.  She really wants to find a job this year (her new year's resolution) so if anyone out there needs a seven year old to fold tissue paper flowers, she's your girl.

And Izzy, well, Izzy somehow got out of doing anything except the puzzle on the floor.
So the race began.  With encouragement and whining set to full speed we made it through most of the remaining flowers before we went to bed.  And boy were my kids tired.  They did a whole twenty minutes of work. 

The next morning Kevin again made flowers at work, this time they were dainty little tulips, this did nothing for his reputation.  (you have to understand that the guys that he work with wrestle with alligators for sport)  I sat at home and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks (my ears hurt by the time it was over but don't tell my kids that).  But all of the flowers were finished.  And so the bouquets were started. 
The goal, 12 bouquets in 40 minutes.  I enlisted the help of my mom who glued black satin ribbons and bows to each square vase, while my husband completed the remaining tulips needed to complete each bouquet.  And so I taped and taped and taped and reached number 9 before I realized that we were 6 carnations short.  And I only had 4 minutes left.
Oh well to hell with it.  We'll only set up 10 tables.
Up to the church I flew like a banshee and made it just in time to get the tables covered and centerpieces set before the girls began to come. 
And so my manic episode came to an end, and as I climbed off The Bipolar Express and fell into bed that night I realized how wonderful my family is.  Thanks for all your help and patience.  And the next time you hear a jingle bell ring, just remember, someone, somewhere is having a manic episode and dragging their family with them too. :)  Your not alone.


kayerj said...

love the look on Em's face and the lace veil on her head. I'd hire Kira any day. I don't want to ride your train . . . I'll sit on the floor with Izzy and do puzzles.

Emmy said...

So so cute! You did a great job.

I was activities chair for a while and it was so easy to get all worried and obsessed over how everything looked.. luckily my husband was really good at reigning me in :)

Brandon and Annie said...

At least they turned out cute :)

Avril said...

Those look great !! My mum used to make the most gorgeous paper roses and roped us in when she was overloaded with orders!

Mimi said...

Heidi, they're exquisite!
My Mum used to knit Aran sweaters, and we all helped, including my Dad who wound the yarn into balls!If his mates had known!!
Your family will remember this with affection in years to come. In Irish there is a word that describes this "meitheal"- it's that co-operative, production line thing- can be family or community. I like that word and its connotations.
And I love your title!

Emily said...

Ha! Glad you got it finished! Are you glad you can our source? :)

Nat said...

Very nice! I love that you recruited help! I made my hubs help me out with the last few aprons...the night before the craft fair! I was impressed with his ironing skills!

Is it hard to get pink lilies this time of year? I don't mean to plant, but to just have in a vase?

Anonymous said...


Amy said...

Those flowers are so darling! I can't believe you and your family made all of those paper flowers! They are amazing. I would definitely higher your seven year old to fold paper flowers for me! What a fun family activity.

CC said...

Great job! What was going on at church that you needed to decorate?

amber_mtmc said...

Hi Heidi..I'm back. Now that I have my blog all transferred over...

Anywho. I am all about the sweat shops. Heck, I don't even do the work anymore. I set my 17-month on the counter and watch while she does the dishes. Sure half of the dishes are broken by the time she is finished, but I didn't have to lift a single finger. It makes me cry thinking about it.

Allie said...

Wow those flowers looked fantastic! I hope it was worth the effort. I loved the pictures with the children helping out, and your husband is a real darling for helping out. =)

Julie Ball said...

How do you make those? (Or is it a secret?) I wouldn't want to make 144... especially in one night... but a little bouquet would be fun. :) The night before my wedding my mom's living room floor was full of my soon-to-be in-laws, scooping pressed rice into little tulle bags and tying bows on the cookie cutters we used as reception favors. I was only engaged for a year... so of course everything had to be done at the last minute. :P