Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Funnies: Night Terrors

Silence fell all around in the deepening darkness of the night.  The only sound that could be heard was the deep steady breathing of my husband who lay beside me in the comfort of our warm blankets.  The familiar sound lulling me closer and closer toward oblivion.  Dreams filled my head as scene after scene played across the screen of my subconscious theatre.
Darkness touched my dream, noises reached out through the night in ways that seem unnatural.  Through my sleep fogged brain I heard the piano playing, but that can't be.  I hear my husband say something that I can't quite understand.  "Oh it's just the maid," I mumble into the pillow.  "She'll stop in a minute." I say.
"What?"  My husband says loudly. "What are you talking about?"  Instantly my mind snaps to attention.
"Oh, sorry was I talking in my sleep again?"  I asked.  As my mind becomes more and more clear I realize that notes are being slowly and clumsily picked out on  our keyboard in the front room.
"What is that?"  I asked as I felt a peculiar ball forming in the pit of my stomach. 
"It's the keyboard, is Kira in there?" Kevin asks.  We both tilted our heads in the direction that the music was drifting from, but there was no sound of movement that either of us could tell.
Slowly we both rose from the warm comforter into the crisp cool air of the pitch black night.
As we cautiously made our way down the hallway the light from the streetlamp outside the window lent it's light to the eerie scene before us.  There sat the keyboard, keys still being played at random but no one was next to it.  The room was empty
My husband, being quicker and closer than I was reached the piano first and quickly turned the power to the board off.
We headed back to bed slightly disturbed.  Climbing back onto our respective sides of the bed we both said at the same time, "That was kind of creepy."
And so we tried to find our way back into the land of restful sleep.  Soon my husband resumed his slow rhythmic breathing.  But sleep continued to elude me.
Now if there is one thing that I have always prided myself on is the thought that I don't scare very easily.  Scary movies rarely make me jump, sometimes they make me want to gag because they're gross, but they really don't scare me.  People jumping out from behind doors doesn't make me jump ten feet in the air, and creepy things in the night never keep me awake.
But here I was, creeped out.  the minutes stretched by slowly with a growing sense of unease.  What would have made the piano start playing?  had something fallen and hit the keys?  But that couldn't happen because it was playing different notes.  I was plagued with question after question.  My mind trying to wrap a reasonable explanation around the event that had just happened.
I scooted closer to my husband surrendering my pride to the fact that I was down right, well, scared.
I stared absently at my closet hoping the answers would come, suddenly out of the darkness at the end of my bed rose a spectral white disembodied head.  It began slowly floating closer and closer towards me.
Shear terror gripped me like I had never felt before.  I screamed and tried to climb up Kevin's left arm. 
"Whhaat?"  Cried a terrified voice from the direction of the ghostly white figure.
It was Kira.
Why on earth did I have to give birth to such very pale white children?

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Claremont First Ward said...

Oh my stars. I jumped at the end. My number 2 just stands by my bed quietly when I'm asleep and she needs something until I wake up freaked out because I can feel her presence there. :)

Emmy said...

Holy cow I would have screamed too! Okay I had better not hear any piano playing in the night now tonight.

Alice Audrey said...

I had a feeling it would turn out to be Kira. What a well-told story.

Pamibelle said...

Good story telling!

kayerj said...

I thought it was going to be snickers. Very funny!

Mimi said...

Heidi, you scared the hell out of me there! But I do scare easily, and often do that thing of snuggling up to hubbie when I'm scared.
The keyboard playing IS freaky!
But I love your last line "why did I give birth to pale children"!!

Maude Lynn said...

That last line just killed me!

Emily said...

Ha! I totally would have screamed! :)

Camily said...

Sooo funny! I needed a good laugh!!!

Nat said...

Ha ha ha!

Travis, Kassie, Ellie and Haven said...

That is too funny!!

Chris said...

That is so creepy!

Nothing freaks me out like waking up and finding one of my children standing, noiselessly, right next to my head.

Janae S said...

You totally had me creeped out! You should really write or tell stories!

Anonymous said...

OMG. My daughter stands right besides my bed as I sleep waiting for me to notice her.... there is nothing like waking up to someone standing over you! :0