Friday, February 26, 2010

Project 365: Week Eight

Day 50
February 19th
Iz had a birthday shout Hooray!!!
For any of you out there that are contemplating throwing a bowling party for someone who is turning 6, don't do it, they have waaayyy to short of an attention span. :)

Day 51

February 20th
Driving through a world of snow, mist and clouds was like driving through another world.
The very ground in Moab looked like it was bleeding through the snow.  It was beautiful!

Day 52

February 21st
A day of much needed relaxation.

Day 53

February 22nd
Back to the dentist AGAIN!  Emma is the one in the torture chair this time.

Day 54

When I stopped by my mom's on Tuesday I had a bit of a shock. 
You see my dad is getting up there in age, and apparently his receeding hair line took an extreme turn for the worse.
(Really he buzzed his head for a fundraiser for a girl at his school who has cancer)

February 23rd
My 10 year old nephew, Tiger, asked me if I would help him make a cake for his blue and gold banquet celebrating 100 years of scouting. 
We got together and planned what he wanted to do. 
I baked the cake and he frosted and decorated it.  He even drew the designs on the bandanna.  I thought he did a great job!

And Chris it was rich, creamy, buttery, sweet and smooth REAL chocolate frosting.  No Contents under pressure cans here!

Day 55
February 24th
After practicing writing the letter "m" in shaving cream, Emma decided to try her hand at shaving her chin.

Day 56
February 25th
Really how much do I need to worry about this one?
Izzy's new favorite way to play with her stuffed animals, well and her cupcake.

Hosted by Chris


Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I love these shots! That second one is breathtaking! The one with the whip cream on the face...soooo funny! Love the photo editing on it too!

Nat said...

I love your dad's new look! :)

Michelle said...

Great shots for the week. How nice that your dad shaved his head in support. That is cool.

Laughing at the hanging stuffies. I've seen that one before in my own house.

kayerj said...

you took two of my shots for next week :)

at least you won't have to look for iz's animals :)

that frosting was sooo tasty!

Em is entertaining to say the least :)

My verification word was wathel :)
is that how you felt at the bowling party?

CDB said...

Yiiiiiikes on the stuffed animals hanging in effigy!!! But that shaving cream chin is just tooo cute! Great shots this week.
I just adore Moab.. what a magical place!

Anonymous said...

She probably should have put diapers on the poor animals before their breif lives were brought to an abrupt halt at the end of a bathrobes belt, it might have prevented the embarassing "hershey cupcake" situation.

your loving, demented, 13 year old husband

Chris said...

What did the dog and the pink thing do to deserve such an ignominious fate?

Emma WAS getting a little bristly, I noticed.

Your Blue and Gold Banquet looks much cooler than ours. We had no Bear cake. Not one.

So, you're calling me out on the frosting?! You have to understand, recipes don't work for me. Ever.

Do you bottle up your frosting and sell it? Have you thought about aerosol cans? They're QUITE convenient.

The dentist shot is awesome -- she's obviously gone to the happy place. I love nitrous oxide. I could marry it.

I know exactly where that Moab shot is (and I love the mist -- great job!). Driving to Moab is like driving to Mars.

People who are not from Utah, sometimes think of it as a brown place, but really it's a beautiful, rusty red.

Mimi said...

Heidi, I've enjoyed these so much!
Your landscape is really beautiful, in a lovely wild way. And I still envy you that snow.
And your girls are so funny, the things they get up to! So fun to get glimpses of your world.
Cake looks brill too!

Anonymous said...

Love 51 and 52. Beautiful shots. The nephew did an awesome job on that cake. And totally digging the comment to Chris. hahaha Too funny. The toy picture is hilarious. Fun with bunk beds for sure.

Emmy said...

These pictures are great!!!

That Moab picture could be something from long ago, awesome. We used to live in Durango and would often drive to Salt Lake, so I can totally picture the red rock with snow that would be amazing.

And that shaving picture is just great! Something so timeless and perfect about it.

And that cake is so cute!

Amy said...

amazingly beautiful photos! I especially like "The very ground in Moab looked like it was bleeding through the snow." What a great week you had.

carol daniels said...

I love the Moab shot. You must have edited it... what program?

I enjoyed the trip down through Moab. I couldn't believe the snow there.

Carly said...

I love all of the pictures from your project, especially the shaving cream!