Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Funnies: Definitions and Family Portraits

Emma is at the age where she wants to know everything, especially what words mean.  She quizzes me all day long about what this and that word mean.
A few days ago we were sitting at the table eating breakfast and she got that quizzical look on her face and her eyes sought mine.
"Mom," she said, "what does fightin' mean?"
"It means that people aren't getting along, they might be mean or hit each other."
Right on the heels of finishing my sentence, "Mom, what does mean, mean?"
"It means that you are being unkind to someone."  I said with a monotone voice.  I could see where this line of questioning was going, she would pick a word from my answer and ask for the next explanation, this can go on, and on, when she's in a mood."
"Mom, what does lice mean?" 
Caught off guard I raised an eyebrow at Em and said, "A little bug that gets in your hair."
With an appalled look she said in a know-it-all voice, "No, mom, I said NICE!"

For Easter my family made a trip down to Arches National Park yesterday.  It was windy, cold and fun, fun, fun!

The scenery was beautiful and the hiking invigorating.  It was wonderful to be out into the great outdoors. 
My kids had a ton of fun running and playing in the red dirt and climbing on the slick rock.
This trip provided so many photo opportunities that it was amazing!  My sister, Annie, tried all day to get everyone together for a big family picture.  But no matter how hard she prodded the picture never seemed to happen.
Late in the day my siblings all decided to hike the trail up to Delicate Arch, all the little kids had gone home with my parents who were done with the day.
The hike was strenuous on the way up, but the hidden treasure at the top was well worth the effort.

As we trekked back down the trail my sister tried several more times to get us to stop for the long sought after picture, telling us that we could use it as a mother's day gift for my mom.
At the very end of the trail we finally all gave in.  The result: 

So much for a nice picture for mother's day.

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Mimi said...

SO funny, that last photo! That's exactly what used to happen when we'd try a family photo too! Only professional photographers could overcome the "one not looking" syndrome!
Your hike pics are wonderful, Heidi.
And the lice story had me in stitches- I've a funny one like that, but that's a whole other post!
Happy Easter!
Word verif is "splat".....interesting!

Emily said...

LOL...that's hilarious! I love the funny things kids say!

Brandon and Annie said...

I really did get a better picture than that....:) It's just on my camera

kayerj said...

I totally want that picture to hang in my family room--what a great mother's day gift. And thanks for think of me.

Em--too funny :)

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Your kid is hilarious. I'm also going through the questioning phase.

Love the photos!

Nat said...

What a lovely family picture! :)

Jaina said...

Love the story about the word definitions. That picture may not be "perfect", but it's certainly great and could still make a nice gift ;)

Chris said...

Okay, I know I make fun of Price, but I envy you being so close to Moab -- well not Moab so much (it's kind of a dirty little tourist trap), but the national parks. I'm going to try and head down there in a few weeks.

That hike up to Delicate is one of my favorite hikes on earth. I love the fact that the arch is hidden from view until the last possible moment -- and then the first time you see it, it's bigger than you think it will be. I went down in February one year and hiked out to Delicate Arch alone -- I had the arch entirely I myself for about two hours. I practically had the whole park to myself.

Do you ever make it up to the Island in the Sky in Canyonlands? If not, pick a day when you can be there before sunrise, go to Mesa Arch, and watch the sunrise. It's an experience to last you all your life. Magnificent desolation.

I didn't mean to get so rapturous. :)

I love your pictures here -- and somehow I knew that your mom would want a copy of the family shot. I like it :)

Chris said...

Ok, I make fun of Price, but the truth is, I'm terribly jealous that you're so much closer to Moab -- well, not Moab really (that place is kind of a dirty little tourist trap), but the national parks -- than I am.

The hike up to Delicate Arch is one of my favorite hikes on earth. I love the way the Arch is hidden from view right until the last possible moment -- and when you see it for the first time, it's so much bigger than you expect it to be.

I went down there in February one year, and made the hike. I had the arch and the trail all to myself for hours. I practically had the entire park to myself.

Being that close, do you ever go up into the Island in the Sky portion of Canyonlands? If you never listen to anything else I tell you, listen to this: pick a day when you can get down there before sunrise, go to Mesa Arch, and watch the sunrise. It comes up right inside the arch and lights up the valley and the arch firey red. Magnificent Desolation. It's an experience to last you all your life.

Well, I didn't mean to get quite so rapturous...

I think your pictures here are wonderful -- and I think the family shot is classic! I'm not surprised in the least that your mother would want a copy to hang on her wall :)

I'd rather have pictures of my kids that capture their truest side -- and I suspect this one does just that!

Chris said...

Oh hey!

I just realized that you have comment moderation - this may explain why when I made almost the exact same comment earlier -- from my ipod -- that it didn't show up, and now I feel foolish for repeating myself...

Feel free to leave this one off too :)