Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Funnies: The Killer Dream

Sunday Funnies is a weekly theme here at my blog.  If you'd like to play along, look through your week and find the funniest thing that happened to you and jot it down. Either leave your story in the comments or send me a link to it and I'll come check it out!

(Sorry B I had to twist your title. Hope you don't mind.)

Last night my 7 year old K came in to my bedroom in a rush. The noise that she made as she entered the room was enough to have me wide awake and the rest of the neighborhood as well.
As she approached the bed she said in a shaking voice "Mom, I had a nightmare!"
"Oh, I'm sorry." I said as I pulled her up into my arms and tried to calm the shaking that had taken her.
"It was a scary dream, I dreamed I had to bake you. And I had to shove you in this really big (is she trying to tell me I'm fat?) oven with a fire. And then you wouldn't get out."
"Well was that because I was already dead?" Ok, ok I know that this didn't help the situation but sometimes things just leap out of my mouth before my brain really thinks about what I have just let plop out of my mouth.
"I don't know mommy. But I promise that I won't kill you again." She said as she hugged me tightly.
Well I guess its good to know that my daughter never plans on dressing me and stuffing me with Mrs. Cubbison's stuffing and shoving me into a giant oven to be baked until I'm well done.
Makes me wonder what on earth I've been letting my children watch...maybe it was that episode of NCIS and the amount of baking I've been doing the last several months.  And this is her way of telling my I'm spending too much time with my cooking range that would better be spent with my children. ^shrug^
Anyone out there that is a child psychologist (or not), please help me out here. Or is it already too late?


Rockin Austin said...

That was funny! Thanks for the Sunday laugh!

Janae S said...

That is too funny! Poor K - that would be a terrible dream!

Mimi said...

Ah, poor wee mite, but very funny too!
Maybe she feels she's losing you to baking at the moment. I'm not a psychologist, this just came into my head.

Anti-Supermom said...

It's all those crazy, scary fairy tales - what with the gingerbread house story... or Jack and the Beanstalk... you name it!

You are too funny, Heidi!

kayerj said...

wow--that was wild.

Rachel said...

It always makes me feel sad when my kids have a scary dream. My two year old just started sobbing in his sleep early this morning screaming for his mommy. He came into my room, I pulled him up to on my bed and comforted him. I said what's wrong, did you have a scary dream? He said I wanted to say goodbye to you. I will def make sure to always say goodbye to him when I leave from now on!