Monday, November 2, 2009

"The List"

Well my weekend of Chaos is at an end!  I survived, my children barely survived and my husband is ecstatic that its over.
As anyone who read any of my posts in the last two weeks knows I organized a carnival for my girls' elementary school for Friday. 
This year was a little more difficult than last because I have a hard time keeping track of things.  I collected the most wonderful list of people (about 20, that was really, REALLY good for our school) that were willing to help with whatever I needed help with to lighten the load.  I was so happy that I decided to get started calling at the beginning of October (see I can at least think about doing things on time).  So I brought that wonderful list with nearly all of its lines filled out with real names and real phone numbers in to my living room and placed it in a place of honor next to the phone so that I could start calling all those fantastic parents right after dinner.
While I was in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove (dumping a box of mac-n-cheese into boiling water and popping chicken nuggets into the oven) I hollered at my kids to start clean-up.  They finished their room quicker then I expected so I told them they needed to start on the front room.
To my surprise they did.  The entire room was clean when I walked in to tell them to come and eat.  Wow, that had never happened before!  I felt the pride bubbling up inside my chest as I looked down at my children with love and affection.
We ate our gourmet meal (Yeah, McDonald's would be jealous) we started bedtime routine, homework, baths, jammies and so forth.   By the time we finished it was too late to start calling people so I decided to wait until tomorrow to call from my "list".
The next morning I was wakened by the garbage truck picking up the trash.  I leaned out my window to double check that our can had been taken out, it had so I went on with getting kids to school.
When I finally got a minute during the day to start calling for excited volunteers I went to the phone and picked it up, and looked in the place where I had "the list" and found the spot empty.  I searched and searched and searched but alas, it was no where to be found.  Apparently my girls "cleaned" a little to well and threw away my list along with everything else in the front room the day before.  I almost cried when I realized that the garbage truck had pulled away with my precious "list" just this morning.
So much for more help this year at the carnival, sigh.


Janae S said...

Oh, no! I feel your pain. Ellee threw away my cell phone the night before the garbage truck came once. Well, I'm assuming that's where it went!

I'm glad your weekend is over too! I have missed your blogging a lot! I was ready to call you and see how it was all going!

Annie Jeffries said...

What a week. Frantic and fun but so glad to be back to normal. LOL

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Oh no! So sorry about the list! Guess you can't complain too much since the girls were cleaning...but still. All that help out the window?! What a pain!

kayerj said...

I'm glad it's over too, It looks like everything went well for you. You did a great job. You'll have to send around a sign up sheet for next years carnival--and find a safe spot for it--maybe the bottom of the laundry basket *hehe*

Heidi said...

Hey, now that was a low blow mom! I do see the bottom of the laundry basket every other month or so.

Hootin Anni said...

Oh my goodness. I probably would have sat down right then and there and bawled like a baby!! That's a shame. But, look at it this way...this is advice I got from my boss many many moons ago when I goofed up...."100 years from now it'll make no difference". I've learned to accept that advice and move on.

And I'll take some of those nuggets if you got any leftovers!! I'm hungry. LOLOL

Mimi said...

Oh poor, poor Heidi!
I almost know how that feels, as my new hands-free kit for mobile phone got thrown in the bin during a clear-up.
Luckily, I missed it the day before bin collection, and retrieved it.
I shuddered to think it may have gone to the dump, but I still haven't found out how to use it!
Please don't tell anyone that was 5 MONTHS ago!

Anti-Supermom said...

Heidi - NO! I'd be running after the garbage truck as fast as my slippered feet would carry me :)

Halloween check, on to Thanksgiving and Christmas... I'm joking, give yourself a break!