Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Photo Hunt Challenge: October

Here are my enteries for October's Photo Scavenger Hunt with Kristi at Photo Hunt Challenge and thank you for hosting!
This was a crazy busy month so my pictures aren't the greatest.  And I've used a lot of them in post's through the month.

1. A Fall Activity

Picking Pumpkins

Fall Hikes

2. A Fall Treat

3. A Harvest

4. Leaves

#5 Fall Colors

6. Something Orange

7. Something Spooky

8. A Cemetery

9. A Costume

10. A Black & White Photo

11. A Critter

12. Symmetry

13. Contrast

(An old time swinging belt bridge and a modern cement bridge over the same river)

14. Texture

15. A Logo

16. Something Neon

17. Something Inspiring

Beyond the Grave

18. Something Entertaining

19. Something Fast (childhood)

20. Something Slow (time)


Janae S said...

Amazing. I especially love the photo of the leaves. Well done!

kayerj said...

they are all wonderful. My favorite is the "beyond the grave" and fall colors. Though I do like "fast" very much too.

Leslie said...

I love the shot of the Pepsi bottle. Also the sunset shots are beautiful.

Krisu said...

Very creative! A wonderful collection!

Brandie said...

Great photos!!

Carolyn Ford said...

A fun collection!

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Great shots, heidi! I loved them all, so many are in my faves :)

Lynn said...

Holy Hannah! Love the clock (among others). Great job on this challenge!

Anti-Supermom said...

Heidi- awesome! I love the last two of childhood and time.

Michelle said...

Great job on the Photo Hunt! Your something fast was very clever. I had a lot of favorites....harvest, texture, cemetery!

Mimi said...

Heidi, I enjoyed looking through these, you've a lovely collection. And it didn't matter that you had used some of them in posts during the month- they're in a different light in this meme.
Thanks for sharing them.