Tuesday, March 9, 2010

365: Week Nine

This was an uneventful week-
Day 57
February 26th
For the life of me I couldn't figure out why I had foot prints on my pantry wall.

Day 58
February 27th
Daddy's Girl

Day 59
February 28th
I LOVE landscapes!

Day 60
March 1st
Anyone for a game of Phase 10?

Day 61
March 2nd
I have heard several stories as to why there is a teepee perched on the top of this hill.  My favorite is that the husband and wife weren't getting along.  The husband, out of spite, built the teepee for all the world to gawk at as they drive past it on the highway.
That is so something I would do!

Day 62
March 3rd
It's a party at Big-O

Day 63
March 4th
Will it stop, will it stop, will it stop?


Emmy said...

LOVE the Daddy's girl picture, so sweet and great post editing.

kayerj said...

that Em--she's so independent

love the walk with dad

you take the best pictures of the peak

I wish the snow would stop

And I'll tell you a little about the teepee--
A Millionaire built it
He's eccentric
It's connected to the house with an underground tunnel
It's his bathroom
there is a round tub in it with gold plated fixtures

great pictures this week, your trip to Helper really paid, didn't it?

Mimi said...

Heidi, even if it was an uneventful week, these pictures are fabulous!
Love them all, but my favourite has to be your little one climbing in the pantry!

Chris said...

Finding footprints on your pantry wall is uneventful? What does excite you? I actually thought she was just a cupboard elf.

The shot on the bridge is great -- I'm such a sucker for shots of people walking away from the camera.

You certainly live in the part of the state that makes landscape photography fun. Where is this shot?

I'm going to find a Phase Ten Dike game -- is it easier for smaller kids than the card game?

A party at Big-O, and footprints on your pantry wall? You should move to a quieter town. :)

You guys have just gotten hammered by the snow this year -- even when they promise us snow, it never materializes.

Chris said...

Of course I meant a Phase Ten DICE game...sheesh...

Nat said...

I love your pictures! So fun!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

THat first photo is hilarious! That will be my kid before long!

Alvis said...

Just spent the last couple of days catching up on your project 365. I've enjoyed it and will be returning. I did this last year and am thinking about doing it again as I don't seem to be taking many pictures since I finished last year's project.

Do you do anything special to Day 58's picture when you processed it?