Friday, March 19, 2010

Project 365: Week Ten and Eleven

Week 10- Unexpected
This week was filled with unexpected surprises.  Some good some bad.

Day 64
March 5th
I unexpectedly ended up setting up the book fair for school.  I also got some unexpected help from some wonderful teachers.  And all it cost me was a plate of brownies. :)

Day 65
March 6th
Kira performed her piano piece at her piano recital.  She hadn't practiced a whole lot so her great piece was a little unexpected.  Great job Kira!

Day 66, 67, 68, 69
March 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th
For the second time in my life I unexpectedly caught strep throat.  I didn't get out and about much so I took a picture of where I spent the majority of the four days mentioned.

Day 70
March 11th
An unexpected lunch date to my favorite Greek restaurant.  They have the best Gyros I've EVER tasted.

Week Eleven: Spring Has Arrived

Day 71
March 12th
Spring colored paper at the book fair was taken down and the books all packed up and ready to go back to Scholastic.

Day 72
March 13th
Spring always brings with it the exciting St. Patrick's Day parade.  We actually had two real floats this year.  The girls' favorite were the horses, as always. 

Day 73
March 14th
Finally something green in my garden instead of white!!!!!!!!!!

Day 74
March 15th
Warm spring sunshine allowed an afternoon of yard work to be done.  I love to play in the dirt!
Emma found a new pet, diamond, the earthworm.  But it somehow got lost so she had to look for it again.  Naturally she had to take all the dirt out of the flowerbed to find it.

Day 75
March 16th
More signs of spring!  We planted a new tree last summer.  I was terrified that it hadn't survived the harsh winter, so I jumped for joy when I saw that there were buds popping out on our baby tree.  I'm so proud.

Day 76
Ok, so I didn't technically take this picture on St. Patrick's Day, But it was my favorite from the parade.  And it felt festive enough to cheat.  Is that ok?
March 17th
Since the sun decided to make an appearance we made a trip to the Wave Pool.  They still have the bubble up so it is really, really hard to get a picture to turn out.  My lens was so fogged up from the humid air that this is the only picture that turned out.

Day 77
March 18th
A farmer's field that we pass everyday has gained a brand new occupant.  I expect any day the people behind me will have their goats giving birth to new kids.  Now all we need are some rabbits.  Janae, can we borrow yours?


kayerj said...

I'm glad you're feeling better--did you have an anti-biotic for that strep throat?

I love your picture of Iz and the two munchkins digging for the worm. And Kira did perform very well.

Mimi said...

Heidi, I love all your photos and accounts of your days.
I'm so surprised you too have Scholastic Book Fairs- reminds me of primary school days when I helped set them up! Nostalgia!
Kira was great to do her piano recital- isn't it amazing how they can play so well with so little practice?
And the pics of Izzy digging and Emma with her shamrock badge are beautiful.
Hope you're feeling better.

Mimi said...

P.S. I left a comment for you over at mine re that photo!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I'm so sorry you have had strep so often, Heidi! I've had bronchitis twice this winter and a severe ear infection.

I love these photos. The one of your daughter with the shamrock and the horses are two of my favorites.

Chris said...

Hey! How come you didn't link up? :)

I see many favorites from our own house on that bookshelf.

So, what did Kira play for her recital?

You've only had strep throat TWICE? I love the condensing of days -- what are you supposed to do, if the scenery never changes?

I love those big old horses.

Did Emma find Diamond again?

What kind of tree do you have budding in your yard?

Why, exactly do you need rabbits? Just to complete that young farm animal/Easter motif?

(I love baby goats)

The picture of your daughter with the Shamrock is gorgeous!

Amanda D said...

Great photos- all of them. :)
I just finished co-chairing our book fair. It was so fun, but I was so tired at the end of the week!

Emmy said...

Sorry you were sick. :( And very jealous of the yummy gyro; I am really wanting one now.

Anti-Supermom said...

Strep throat, yucky stuff. Glad you at least got 4 days in bed to feel better!

Love that she named her earthworm, so adorable.

Janae S said...

I love the photo of Izzy at the parade! Your girls are so adorable!

I'm sorry to hear you were sick! Glad you are feeling better!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Book fairs make my heart all a flutter!

And sorry you got strep. Ugh! It's the worst isn't it? We all got it back in January. No fun at all.

So fun that you guys have a St. Patty's Day parade.

Such a variety of pics! Looks like you've been keeping busy, girl!