Saturday, March 6, 2010

Photo Story Friday: Fun for the Whole Family

In the process of completing my Photo Hunt for this month I had to scramble and take lots of pictures in a few afternoons.  One of these afternoon's was spent in downtown historic Helper.  This is a tiny little town that is just north of where I live.  It has a very charming, ghost town feel to it.  Which provides a perfect opportunity to shoot pictures that you normally wouldn't see in this century.  I love going there!
As we pulled onto Main Street my husband, who was driving, took on a dry monotone voice suited to a tour guide as he started pointing out buildings and explaining their history.

Like the old grocery store turned cabinet maker shop that was owned by a friend's grandparents.

On the other side of the road was Echo Bridge.  The tradition is to honk whenever you go under it.  I'm sure that the people that live at the bottom and top of the road LOVE this tradition

Then there is St. Anthony's, the most quaint little chapel you've ever seen.

Of course, Helper wouldn't be Helper without it's Library/Auditorium/City Hall.  Who has Big John keeping watch just outside it's doors.  This also used to be the elementary school, but obviously those 20 kids couldn't be crammed in along with the books and political members.

Soon after passing City Hall you have the Fire Station, abandoned bars, the band stand, a few restaurants, several business and empty buildings.

The railroad station is close to the end of the road, but it holds some wonderful vintage photography opportunities, so we of course had to stop there.

And last but not least, as we drove down the road with my husband still giving us historical tidbits we approached the last building in the row.
"And here," my husband said.  "We have the Hotel La Salle, the last legally operating Cat House in the state of Utah." 
What?!  (Double Take)
The shape of that sign just took on a whole new meaning with that little tidbit of information.

And the kicker-


kayerj said...

Well actually, the LaSalle was a fine family restaurant. I remember eating there until it closed. They served the kind of homemade meals you just can't get when you eat out anymore. I remember going there for lunch when I was in Jr. High. They had the best bakery items, yum! I miss Helper. In my day it was still thriving. Cornet, the five and dime store was the best place in the world for a kid to visit. And R&A is has the best butcher around and helps you personally, he even cuts and wraps your meat while you watch. At the register they have the old "tab" system. They keep tabs for old customers and businesses. You should take your girls in to see it. The old town is a fun place still, especially with the addition of the new pool. Ahh Helper, she's not quite a ghost yet.

I did like this post very much--memory lane and all that.

Janae S said...

Matt wants to buy Helper, kick everyone out, and then restore it. Yeah, that's likely, huh?

We both love Helper though. We have a lot of memories from there.

Cecily R said...

Hey, for vintage photo opps alone I'd love to visit Helper!!! Those pics are GREAT!

Rachel said...

Haha! I will never look at the La Salle the same way again! Too funny! Great pics btw!

Leslie said...

Loved the tour. The bridge has got to be one of my favorites too. The coronet store and Veltri's Drug , best places ever. I know my Uncle Eddy spent a lot of time at the Lasalle, but I know it was for the food back then. Helper does have some rough History though.

Laura said...

Wow, what a cool place to be with a camera. And what great photos you got.

Amy said...

Ah, Helper. I haven't been through there in years! I love the photos, and have a hankering to go back.

Emily said...

What an interesting little town. And such a funny name. Was your husband right about La Salle!? The family restaurant was the first thing I noticed and I didn't even notice the, um, other thing, until you pointed it out!

Chris said...

This is what you do for fun down there?

I always just breeze on by Helper, on my way to Moab. Truthfully, I only stop in Price because, by then, my legs are cramped and I need a potty break :)

I find towns like this so fascinating - they just reach a point in history, and stop. They have a bandstand! Do they wear porkpie hats too?

It would be really cool if they had a soda shop.

That sign on the La Salle Hotel doesn't leave much to the imagination - at least they had the decency not to point it up :)

Mimi said...

Helper looks like a lovely place to visit, thought I probably wouldn't stay in La Salle!
Very interesting photo tour, Heidi.

Jaina said...

What a great little tour, these are some awesome pictures. Is it bad that I didn't know what a cat house might be until you made the comment about the sign? Lol

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I love small towns. . . . completely! And you captured it so perfectly! Thanks for the tour of this small town!