Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Photo Hunt Challenges #6

Another month has ended before I was ready for it to. 
This hunt was very fun to participate in, but I found myself scrambling at the last minute to finish up all the categories.  It really felt like a scavenger hunt when I crammed them all into two days.
Here is the month of February through my eyes:

#1. A Tower

#2. "Main Street"

#3. Five

#4. A Dog or Cat

#5. Two of a Kind
(Locally known as the "Dolly Parton Domes")

#6. A Clock

#7. A Game

#8. Something Sweet

#9. B&W with Selective Coloring

#10. Your Own Reflection

#11. A Mirror Image

#12. Night Image

#13. Something Homemade

#14. Something Pink

#15. Something Romantic

#16. A Candid Shot

#17. A Portrait 

#18. A Symbol of Love

#19. A Landscape

#20. Chocolate


Anonymous said...

I smiled from beginning to end! I thought Piggly Wiggly was a figment of my imagination... but you have proof that it existed!!!

Leslie said...

Wow! They are all great pictures. Love the one of Kiera.

kayerj said...

they are all so creative--even the one of you :) Love the Dolly Parton Domes. I love the texture you added to the pictures to. Well done.

Kristi said...

Great job! I love the reflection and the portrait, and something pink!

Michelle Leigh said...

I love your mainstreet shot and your candid shot. Adorable! Your reflection is beautiful!

Amanda D said...

I had such good intentions of playing along. Then I ended up being sick for two weeks and in February, that's half the month! I only got 1/3 of the pictures taken. Oh, well. Next time.

Your pictures are great! I love them. You're very talented.

Raquel said...

You have some great shots. The one that really popped out for me (I literally said, wooooow) was 'five'. Outstanding.. and my pick so far. Thanks for stopping by my page :)

Emmy said...

I think I will have to check this challenge out. Looks like you did an awesome job!

Desiree said...

Great photos! Loved the reflection, portrait, and symbol of love.

Thanks for commenting on my photos too! :)

Janae S said...

I love them ALL! You are so very talented!!!

Nat said...

Way to go! I love Kira's dress. so cute!

K said...

That is a REALLY creative 5!!
Great shots, all. Isn't the hunt a hoot?

Chris said...

VERY good!

Is that Main Street in Price? -- there's such a "stuck in the fifties" feel to the place.

Before I even saw the caption on the "Two of a kind" shot, I was reminded of a line from The Naked Gun-- "everywhere I look, I'm reminded of her." :)

I know Phase 10, the card game -- I've never heard of Phase 10 Dice.

I think your self portraits both turned out very cool.

And both of the portraits for number 17 are gorgeous -- great job! I especially like the shot against the wall -- great mood there.

You really have a great eye for capturing unique views. You have my applause!

Always Faith said...

awesome shots! you did a wonderful job on all of these...loved the clocks...i adore cool looking clocks.

Ang said...

I must be stupid because it took me like 3 minutes to figure out your "five", DUH! Very original though!
Your first reflection shot and your candid are my faves!

Killara girl said...

what a great series....your pictures were a this a monthly challenge??? would love to join it...i didn't find a link!

Killara girl said...

whoopde doo...just found it in your sidebar :)

Timo said...

And here I am. Thanks for visiting my collection!

Very good photos you've got too! My favs are night image and candid shot - the landscape looked like very interesting location.

Mominin said...

They are all very good! I think my favorite is your candid shot. Great job.

Jientje said...

Mmmm, you made me crave chocolate!!! You did a great job here, I love your portraits ( including your own) , I like how you played with the light in something romantic, and pink and homemade look very sweet. My favorite one is "something sweet", adorable!

Jaina said...

You did a great job with this challenge, such amazing pictures. That last one makes me hungry!

Rebecca Johnson said...

Aw I love your collection! It put a smile on my face first thing in the morning so I thank you!

I thought I liked your main street ones best - I love the vintagey look to them - but then your candid shot was just too gorgeous for words! How adorable!

norsk said...

Lots of good pics, five was great, B&W as well, mirror image, many good ones!
BTW pass the pigs is a great little game:

Berg said...

Your "Something Pink" and "Candid" were my favorites!

DLJ said...

I love your clock and B&W w/color. Your reflection was beautiful and beautifully done. I always loved those funny domes as we drove by but I'm not sure they are big enough for Dolly.

I also love you cakes, I used to do cakes and kinda miss it when I look at yours.

Thanks for the comments on my first attempt at "the hunt".

Mari said...

Very artistic photos! I like the best your landscape.

Samara Link said...

Ooooh. LOVE the landscape. Where was that taken?