Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sunday Spookies: The Darkness

Since it is the spookiest month of the year I have decided to go with Sunday Funnies alter ego, and try my hand at writing something spooky.  If you would like to play along, which I would love for you to do, write something spooky that has happened to you, or like mine this week, make it up as you go! Let me know in your comment if you are participating and I will be sure to stop by!

On a dark and windy night, two young seventeen year old girls skulked in the darkness. One, the brunette, held a rectangular box against her side with her upper arm. They stopped beside a tree that had lost its life sometime in recent years. A crow looked down from it perch atop the charcoal black tree and let out a sorrowful cry as it took flight, away from the intruders.

"It looks clear," said the blond, "let's go now." She turned and motioned with her hand to the brunette as she stood not quite erect and dashed toward the splintered and broken picket fence.
As the girls reached the gate that stood always slightly open, the brunette noticed that the wind had suddenly begun to howl.
"Maybe we shouldn't do this, I mean it was just some stupid dare, nothing will happen if we don't go through with it," the brunette pleaded to the blond.
"Yeah, nothing but being losers for the rest of the year. This dare is not that big of a deal! Nick said all we have to do to get into the house is to just walk into the front door. It's never locked. And then we just sit down, play the Ouija board, not like we never do that and then we leave. Simple. Now let's go!" The blond reached out her hand and pulled the brunette by the arm that wasn't holding the board box.

"But what about the rumors about this place?" The brunette asked in an anxious voice. "You know what they say don't you? They say some guy died here. They say that's why this house is all boarded up, that something terrible happened in there. They say that at night you can still hear him screaming for help."
"We'll be fine, come on." The blond said in a soothing voice in hopes of encouraging her friend to step onto the porch.
The blond reached the door first, she tentatively pulled at the rusted screen door. The hinges groaned in protest of being put into motion after being left idle for so long. The girls stepped through onto old ratty carpet. There wasn't much give in the carpet as they started to cross to the middle of the small room showing how often this path had been walked. The paneled walls made the room seem to close in around them in the little sliver of moon light that was trying to pry its way into the empty room there wasn't much to see. Dust danced in the beam that reached down as far as it could and touched the floor in a sharp point.
"Well," said the blond with false bravado, "this looks like as good a place as any." And she plopped down in the middle of the small dagger like slice of light. The brunette glanced around her, grimaced and joined her friend on the floor.
The brunette pulled the board with letters and numbers and then pulled out the spade shaped indicator and placed it on top of the board in the direct center. The blond reached into the depths of her coat pocket and produced two white wax tapers. From her other pocket she produced a lighter. Click, click poof, the flame came to life and she lit each wick and let the flame die. She handed one candle to her friend and she kept the other for herself.
The girls each placed one hand on the message indicator and the blond asked in a slightly shaky voice, "Is anyone here?"
Suddenly the pointer began to rush about the board in a perfect circle, it circled and circled until at last in a fury it zigged to the Y zagged to E and then shot across the board to the S.

"Wwwho are you?" The brunette stuttered nervously as she asked the question.
Again in a quick jerky motion the pointer spelled out L-E-O-N.
In a panic the brunette started to shake and started to get up.
"Don't!" The blond said in a sharp tone stopping her friend from rising any further.
"But that's the name of the guy that died here," she said in a hushed but urgent voice, "we need to get out of here!"
"No let's finish this," The blond said in a soothing tone of voice, "don't be a chicken, it's all pretend anyway. Let's show Nick we can last the ten minutes. It's already been four, we can do it."
The brunette sat back down. The blond, getting back to business spoke to the board as she voiced her next question. "Did you live here when you were alive?"
Zoom, N-O. "Did you die here?" The blond continued her questioning.
This time the pointer moved very slowly, Y-E-S. Then the pointer started into a slow circling pattern.
"What are you doing?" The brunette asked the anxiety evident in her voice.
I-N-V-I-T-I-N-G  F-R-I-E-N-D-S, the ghost said.
"What friends!?" The brunette asked.
Y-O-U  W-I-L-L  S-E-E, answered the ghost with a cackle that the girls almost heard. The pointer continued it's slow progression around the board, then it began to glide faster and faster. Suddenly the door behind the girls began to open ever so slightly, the hinges moaned against the unwanted movement.
"Are you doing that!?" The blond asked the ghost.
The pointer in a flurry of erratic movement it shot from one letter to the next and said, Y-E-S. It then began its furious circling again. As it rounded the bottom half of its third circle it stopped, dead. The room began to fill with a cold, cold stream of air as the door stood ajar.
As the cold caressed each of the girls their eyes shot up away from the board and locked onto each others.
"Are you moving it?" The blond whispered to the brunette. The brunette with eyes as wide as dinner plates shook her head frantically.
With a slow and sensual motion, very different from before, the indicator began a graceful dance across the board, G-R-E-E-T-I-N-G-S.
"Who are you?" Asked the blond as the cold continued to drift around her, making everything crystal clear, yet clouded her vision simultaneously.
In the same slow eloquent motion it made its way to the L then to the U, as it made its graceful way to the next letter it was as if the girls fingers were suddenly glued to the pointer. It started to press its self harder onto the board, slowing its progress even further. It stopped over the C then made its way to the I-F-E.
The brunette struggled to scream as this new guests name registered in her mind. But no sound came as she opened her mouth wide. She looked at her friend with hope that she would be able to help, but as she looked at her friends face she saw that her eyes were still glued to the pointer.
The blond found herself unable to look away as the pointer began its slow path to the final letter in the "visitors" name. She felt an intense black nothingness creep up from the plastic toy that held her as strongly as a man's hand. It crept up through her fingers, up the length of her arm, once it seeped into her shoulder it spread quickly to her chest and heart. Suddenly she was no more, she was the darkness, she was the cold.
The blond looked up at the brunette who had been trying frantically to get her friends attention. The blond smiled but barred her teeth in the process. She closed her eyes and shook herself as if shaking off chains long worn. She lowered her head and opened her eyes. Red, bloodshot eyes appraised the brunette that sat across from her.
With a swiftness that took the brunette by surprise the blond threw herself across the board with a feral snarl and slammed into her. The brunette tried to scream for help but the cry was cut short as two thin bone like hands wrapped around her throat. With a strength not of this world the blond held the brunette pressing her neck as close to the floor as it would go.
With a giggle of wicked pleasure the blond opened her mouth and blackness seeped forth. In a deep sultry voice that touched the skin like burning velvet she said, "You shouldn't play in the dark." The blond lifted her face to the moonlight and snarled as she fell on the brunette...


prettyfirefly said...

You must be very talented. Your cakes look very delicious and your posts are written well. I love this story - a good story for Halloween. ---

Emily said...

Great story! Gave me chills. :) I think I`ll definitely stop by your website more!

Oh and Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest (on a Sunday!)

kayerj said...

spooky! You should write more often. I played with a ouiji board . . . . ONCE! Never again. I'll link to this story on Tuesday if that's OK.

Janae S said...

Creepy! I told Gwen the story of Herman awhile ago - she didn't sleep in her room for weeks. Ask Kev, he will tell ya...

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Yikes! I hate stories like this...only because they creep me out. you did a good job on it!

Lisa in Oz said...

OK, I have to admit: I'm a total chicken. Reading spooky stories always makes me jumpy, and now I'm all nervous lol.