Saturday, October 3, 2009

Unconscious Mutterings # 5

  1. Yacht :: London Tipton (I have kids what can I say)
  2. Paula :: Quiter, Stingy, Selfish
  3. Delete :: Managing my Photos
  4. Auto :: matic
  5. Obsolete :: My job
  6. Dedicated :: Cross stitching
  7. Old :: How my children think of me
  8. Convince :: my kids to clean their room
  9. Poster :: board
  10. Erase :: Homework

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Vixen said...

What great mutterings! You know, my youngest said I was old yesterday too. Damn kids.

Patience Ann said...

Haha, hooray for London Tipton!!

*~sis~* said...

lol, erase homework...i unconsciously added an "r" onto my erase answer :)

rajm said...

Had to google london tipton! Ah homework issues (long ago even for children) rm* on my mutterings is explained in the comment above yours

Le Butterfly said...

Cool mutterings

Thanks for stopping by

KayeDean said...

Great creative mutterings! Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

one match ...
same as i've matched with everyone else and I thought I'd be a loner with that one this week LOL

Unknown said...

Great mutterings! Happy Sunday!

kayerj said...

Yacht :: sail
Paula :: Abdul
Delete :: *gasp*
Auto :: matic
Obsolete :: dial telephone
Dedicated :: my husband
Old :: me in the evenings
Convince ::
Poster :: child
Erase :: mistake